How to Revamp Warehouse Operations with NetSuite

How to Revamp Warehouse Operations with NetSuite

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What is a Warehouse Management System?

Warehouse management involves the procedures and principles that are involved in running the day-to-day warehouse operations. A warehouse management system (WMS) is software that organizes many different points in the supply chain, this wide variety of tasks include receiving, organizing warehouse floor, scheduling labour, managing inventory, and fulfilling orders to optimize warehouse functionality. Tasks are facilitated through automation such as planning, organizing, and more. This type of supply chain management can only work as efficiently as the warehouse workflow, which means the effectiveness of a WMS is vital for overall success.

On the occasion that a step in the supply chain such as in the warehouse where raw materials are not received promptly or misplaced, the supply chain function will be slow or possibly disrupted. This is the reason that ensuring that a seamless WMS is in place will make or break your supply chain and business processes.

Coordinating all these jobs efficiently is a big task which needs to be carefully optimized to deliver the best customer service to cater to customer demand.


Why Should You Implement a Warehouse Management System?

When a business implements a warehouse management system, such as NetSuite, you will have full visibility into real-time inventory levels, storage, employee productivity, demand forecasting along with order fulfillment. Enterprise resource planning systems such as NetSuite WMS are important to have as they eliminate manual processes and possible guesswork. NetSuite WMS streamlines processes that will save time and give insights to more accurate information without a warehouse manager having to do frequent warehouse audits.

Ease of access to information will allow managers to easily identify the areas where there could be an improvement in the warehouse processes. The tools provided by NetSuite drives strategic decision-making for operations managers. This will help the overall health of the warehouse operations for a flawless run and the fulfillment of customer orders.

Challenges with Manual & Paper-Based Warehouse Management:

1. Inaccuracies: With paper-based management, the data on record is only as accurate as it is often updated, even then a jumble of information can lead to confusion. Human error is the biggest culprit when it comes to relying on pen and paper, which will ultimately dampen the experience to the consumer.

2. Visibility: Small to midsize businesses will often rely on manual inventory methods. Manual inventory management lacks real-time visibility, this leaves the businesses in a vulnerable position due to inaccuracies in inventory levels that can lead to multiple repeat orders of a product and not having the product on hand. Supply chain operations can be put under stress and not deliver due to inaccurate stock levels.

3. Misuse of Space: Mapping our warehouse floor plans by hand, makes this an inefficient task due to difficulties in tracking and updating the spaces. When space is limited, this leads to needed space becoming under-utilized, or on the contrary, the risk of running out of warehouse space surfaces.

4. Disorganized Order Release: Order release and manual WMS is a risky combination. This makes a likely situation of mis-picks. mis-picks aren’t difficult to resolve, although, this increases labour work of putting back incorrect items and picking the correct item. This also causes delays in time. Most times mis-picks leave the warehouse undetected.


Are You Ready to Upgrade your Warehouse Management System?

NetSuite Warehouse Management System Functionalities


1. Real-time Visibility: NetSuite allows users in every department to access the same data at any moment, from any location. Everyone views the data in real-time. Oftentimes businesses are running on different software platforms which creates gaps in information and communication. These communication gaps can make tasks such as operations planning difficult.

2. Mobile: As previously mentioned, users can access the information from anywhere at any time. This is done through either desktop access or mobile access. Through a mobile application, NetSuite WMS will allow employees to view information, and perform tasks such as select/scan barcodes for transactions, items, lots/serial numbers.

3. Strategic: NetSuite also allows for a more strategic approach when operating the physical warehouse, such as coordinating bin locations to specific areas that the bins belong to and optimizing all the available space. Having such orderly shop management allows for convenient delivery and order fulfillment.

4. Templates and Automation: With premade templates, processes such as wave releases can be automated and make it easy for warehouse managers to identify orders, to release orders for a warehouse for picking, this can be based on any criteria such as customer, expected ship date, shipping method, etc.

5. Inventory Management: Due to customer demand constantly changing, inventory management systems allow for tracking relevant trends. Without insights such as tracking trends, resource allocation may fall short and the customer’s needs may not be fulfilled. On the other hand, if products are hard to locate in the warehouse, efficient production will lack and inventory management can help to eliminate this with real-time visibility of products

6. Barcode functionality: NetSuite can also generate barcodes for products for easier tracking. When a barcode is generated there is an improvement to the functions, the warehouse workers, can track the status of a product as it moves in and out of the warehouse in addition to seeing if the product was picked, packed, and shipped, operations management is overall eased.

7. Integrations: NetSuite WMS has the capability to add integrations to 3rd party software. Such as e-commerce and financial management. NetSuite has a wide range of integrations that can be applied to create a holistic solution if you wish to maintain certain aspects of your operations management separate. Follow industry standards and have accountable conduct with ease when aligning departments together.

NetSuite WMS

A holistic solution for warehouses is important. NetSuite WMS provides a solution that will create a unified workflow in the warehouse, tying in aspects of the supply chain that will optimize everyday operations. Our Buddies expert can help you determine what your warehouse operations need to elevate and meet your business goals while benefiting from recurring customers. Eliminating manual processes will deliver customer satisfaction while also minimizing handling costs in demand management processes. As mentioned earlier having miscommunication within different parts of the warehouse supply change can create problems that ultimately will reach the customer. This opens doors to the risk of losing customers. Eliminating manual processes will deliver customer satisfaction while also minimizing handling costs. Supply chain professionals look for support from NetSuite as a method to mitigate stress to the supply chain and aid in production planning.

3 Self-Storage Industry Trends to Adopt & Revitalize Your Self-Storage Business 

3 Self-Storage Industry Trends to Adopt & Revitalize Your Self-Storage Business 

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The self-storage industry is booming, and there are plenty of reasons for that. Some trends observed include the increase of baby boomers seeking to downsize and in need of somewhere to store their belongings. A surge has also been observed of small businesses that are finding it more practical to store inventory in storage facilities rather than renting additional retail spaces. Evolving demand for storage facilities due to these trends has led to a variety of changes in self-storage services as a result of businesses looking to differentiate from the competition and appeal to their customers. We also have a webinar on this topic! Click the button below to register!


The drive to differentiate self-storage facilities has triggered innovations that can be used to revitalize the self-storage industry’s needs for both customers and facility operators. Storage operators have identified the need to cater to customers in a new modern way, where they can utilize technology to improve the self-storage customer experience. On the reverse side, the current pandemic has been leaning toward decreasing storage facility personnel to follow Covid safety regulations. The demand to modernize self-storage businesses also stems from millennials becoming the larger percentage of customers using self-storage units. As the millennial population grows, we see the trend of remote work tying in with self-storage because millennials are choosing to store their belongings and work abroad while traveling for longer periods. The main trends observed for self-storage companies are mobile device access, online tenant access, and self-storage business management software to run day-to-day facility operations. These trends will be discussed in detail.

Mobile Access

In this day individuals crave convenience and ease of accessibility with services. We have become accustomed to relying on and utilizing our smartphones for everything. Some self-storage operations have begun to implement mobile applications that will allow self-storage owners to manage and gain control of their units via mobile devices. With an addition such as this, tenants gain easier access to their storage units and will no longer need to keep track of a specific key or access card. These specialized applications will allow for ease of access and management of the unit all within a mobile application. With the mobile application being available at a self-storage space, there is ease when offering and/or renewing leases with customers.

Having handheld compatible self-storage software is crucial for the modern customer where they can have access on devices such as tablets, smartphones on both Android and iOS. Customers and employees both benefit from the ease of accessibility where they can work or manage their accounts from virtually anywhere.

Self-Service Access On-Site

Business owners want to offer customers the ultimate level of convenience and accessibility. With mobile access, the customer service competitive landscape is a game-changer. This comes hand-in-hand where customer trends have led to the option to utilize self-serve options. Tenants will be able to access storage facilities and benefit from the convenience of processing rental payments online, provide electronic signatures and skip the in-store processes. This trend gives facility owners an advantage for their operations because facility personnel and managers will have a reduced workload.

Convenience is a major key for self-storage users and the business that are operating with tools that are automated 24/7 are reaping great benefits. The self-serve access in combination with the mobile tools leads to a storage tool that changes the self-storage sector. Customer management has never been easier!


Management Software

It is clear that technology is the main factor driving the revitalization of the self-storage market. Incorporating cloud access control tools such as a self-storage management solution. Mobile apps for tenants and workers offer key features such as payment options, custom dashboards, interactive property maps, and other additional services. Self-storage business owners want to take their business to the next level and coordinate their different storage locations and properties. A business platform based on the cloud provides a centralized dashboard for commercial management where customer sign-ups can be simplified, in addition to built-in accounting and financial functions if needed.

SuiteSpaces Self-Storage Software Solution

ERP Buddies SuiteSpaces solution helps to simplify the daily operations, maximize revenue, in addition to a seamless tenant experience when utilizing the only self-storage facility management software.

SuiteSpaces is a solution all about self-storage, it features functions such as the ones mentioned above and more! SuiteSpaces can support mobile compatibility, online tenant access, cross-platform and software integrations, multi-storage facility business access, and more.

When the goal is to revitalize your self-storage business, adopting an advanced solution with built-in features will take your business to the next level. Tailoring your business operations to fit the needs and desires of today’s customers is crucial. It can also make your daily operation a lighter task for employees where they can prioritize responsibilities that require in-person procedures.

The day in the life of a Facility Manager

Have you heard? SuiteWorld is back for 2022!

Have you heard? SuiteWorld is back for 2022!

Table of Contents

This year marks the 11th anniversary of SuiteWorld, an event where Oracle NetSuite users, partners, and customers gather for a 4-day long convention from September 27th to 30th 2022. This convention revolves around the NetSuite communities, where attendees can make new connections, exchange ideas, and learn about the latest surrounding the cloud-computing system of NetSuite.

And did we mention that this event is happening in the City of Lights aka Las Vegas, Nevada, USA at Caesars Forum (3911 Koval Lane Las Vegas, NV 89109) Now isn’t that enough to convince you to attend SuiteWorld 2022?

Well for those who are not yet convinced, let us share with you some reasons why you must attend SuiteWorld 2022 whether you are an existing NetSuite user or a prospect who is considering to attend the SuiteWorld expo or want to know about NetSuite in general.

Top 4 reasons to attend SuiteWorld 2022


Interact and network with industry experts worldwide

SuiteWorld offers an amazing opportunity to network with industry experts from all over the world. This is your chance to grab insights from professionals across all different types of industries and experts. We urge people to attend the SuiteWorld expo to get an in-depth understanding of ERP practices, upgrades, changes, modifications, and enhancements that can improve the NetSuite functionality. Every individual/team presenting at SuiteWorld 2022 will have some experiences to share that may prove invaluable in your journey towards implementing NetSuite.

Potential NetSuite customers can get all their questions answered as the expo is filled with Experts waiting to answer your queries!

Learn about NetSuite and how the Cloud operates

NetSuite is a business management system that keeps updating to improve its functionality. New features and modifications are added every year that help users to meet their goals efficiently. During the SuiteWorld Expo, Industry experts discuss some of the modifications and possible upcoming upgrades.

As a NetSuite user, you can share your opinion regarding the updates with professionals. If you have a detailed query, you can always come to our booth and our Experts will be more than happy to share their expertise.

Find a NetSuite implementation partner who understands you

Being a NetSuite ERP Solution Provider with countless happy customers, we understand the importance of selecting the right NetSuite implementation partner to avoid your ERP Implementation project running into the ground.

When you attend SuiteWorld, you have countless Implementation partners ready to serve you. As a customer, you can walk down to each one of us (NetSuite Implementation Partner) and understand why someone is best suited for your project. You can browse case studies, understand NetSuite possibilities, review guidelines and more!

Make sure to head to our booth and our experts will gladly assist you with any question, requirement and special accommodation!

Learn from real-time customer reviews and testimonials

The SuiteWorld expo is filled with existing NetSuite users who can share their opinion regarding their experience with NetSuite. This becomes especially crucial for new businesses considering switching to NetSuite who want to see the impact of NetSuite from real customers.

You can get real-time in-person testimonials from Business Owners, C-suite executives (CEOs, CFOs, CIOs etc.), Financial Controllers and more. Not only will this help you understand the product, but it will also help you to make an informed decision.

This is one of the major advantages of attending the SuiteWorld expo in person! If you’re still not sure if you want to attend SuiteWorld in person you can always hop on to SuiteWorld On Air irrespective you are new to NetSuite or not.

Why the Solar Energy Industry Needs NetSuite ERP

Why the Solar Energy Industry Needs NetSuite ERP

Table of Contents

Why Solar Energy Industry Needs NetSuite ERP

Sustainable energy covers a wide range of sectors such as wind turbines, solar energies, which cover wind farms, solar farms, etc. There are plenty of approaches one can take when it comes to energy strategies, but for this specific blog, we will focus on the solar energy industry. As the solar industry continues its growth, many businesses are beginning to adopt renewable energy methods in order to lower energy costs and consume clean energy rather than the latter. This sustainable energy industry covers solar panel manufacturing, installation, and power management. Energy management is top of mind for many from individual households to businesses that want to lower their carbon footprint. This is an industry that is heavily involved in both B2B and B2C markets, which means there are plenty of different types of projects and clients to work and coordinate with.

Regarding the operational side of the industry, some of the main challenges that are presented in the solar industry are IT costs and data management. As you know there are plenty of activities to complete in the day-to-day operations of a facility. Specifically, these activities include purchasing products such as electrical grids, requesting orders, inventory, sales, and project management, to name a few. Although managing all these activities can become overwhelming, fortunately using NetSuite for solar panel project management can help to streamline processes across departments. Not only can NetSuite aid in managing business operations but because of the increased efficiency and productivity offered, implementing NetSuite will aid in giving your business a competitive advantage in an already competitive industry.


Based on the Cloud

If you weren’t aware, NetSuite is software that operates on the Cloud. Meaning that everything is in one place such as customer, and contractor databases. NetSuite allows solar energy businesses to handle tasks such as contracts, estimates, scheduling, invoicing, and billing all from the NetSuite platform. It will allow your solar energy business to manage your company and its projects with an improved seamless process, which in return will reduce costs and time.

Create a Streamline Approach to Installation Work

NetSuite provides tools such as the ability to track and bill service appointments with customers. Set needed maintenance schedules automatically on a recurring basis in addition to billing cycles on installed equipment. This also gives insights into real-time cost and revenue data on a specific contract over its entire span. Due to the seamless integrations available with NetSuite effortlessly integrate contracts, change orders, and purchasing, invoicing will be a breeze!

Installers Can Track Time with Ease

Due to NetSuite’s easy access through handheld devices, installers can use both desktop and mobile devices to track time and projects. Employees can track their hours and allocate them to specific projects they have worked on or tasks that are facilitated for project management and project accounting processes. The efficiencies of a business depend a lot on the management of projects and the workforce. NetSuite’s tools ensure that all operations are in-process and completed are monitored and recorded, specifically, working hours, and schedules.

Scale your Business

As mentioned, SuiteSolar can tie together your entire solar power project materials to move in a more efficient manner and accelerate procedures. SuiteSolar can help to easily integrate data sources, automate complex workflows, and generally allow your project management to improve flow. Due to the ease of scalability that SuiteSolar has, it can support the growth of the company, due to its superior tools and support. Its ease of implementation is every project manager’s dream.

Managing Accounting & Finances

Accounting is a crucial part of all businesses, and with NetSuite, you are able to also have accounting processes on the platform that integrates with other departments. NetSuite’s capabilities can seamlessly perform finance and accounting functions with strong compliance in their practice. This will increase business performance and ensure accuracy. In turn, the added benefits are reducing back-office costs.

Real-time financial reporting is another added benefit with NetSuite, where it couples with features such as revenue recognition to help companies to stick to compliant measures, with complex contracts.

The accounting tasks that can be managed through NetSuite include:



ERP Buddies developed the SuiteSolar solution, a fully customizable NetSuite Application, which was created specifically for the management needs of the Solar Distribution and Installation industry face. Facilities need to be capable of coordinating the business activities both in the commercial and residential sectors. Many individuals are seeking renewable energy sources adopting this new type of energy consumption, leading to exponential growth. This solution was optimized to aid in the transition when businesses are ready to scale and move towards the next big venture.

The renewable energy industry is a sector that is top of mind to many, as we as a society try to opt for clean energy options as a way to decrease our emissions. Business management solutions such as SuiteSolar have a positive effect on a business’s productivity and efficiency that can be attributed to the ability to streamline the functionalities of a business, but also minimizes costs of production.