A Guide: How to Select Your NetSuite Partner in India 

For any business, regardless of the industry, it is essential to thrive with efficient operations, with limited time and resources. If there is chaos in operations, many business owners find it overwhelming to get everything back in order. 

To optimize the operations, many Indian businesses turn to NetSuite not just as an ERP solution but an investment. Selecting NetSuite Implementation partners in India is a big challenge. With so many options in the market, it gets difficult to find an Oracle NetSuite partner in India that offers a tailor-made solution for your business.  

Selecting the wrong NetSuite partner can lead to several issues like communication gaps and integration issues that can hinder your implementation and overall success with the system. 

What is Oracle NetSuite, and Why Is It Popular in India?  

Like iOS is to Apple products, every business needs a foundational operating system. Several companies and experts offer ERP solutions, but most organizations end up compromising with the ERP solutions available in the market. It is a fact that ERPs are supposed to be built in such a way that they cater to business needs every day.  

Oracle’s NetSuite is the answer.  

It is the #1 cloud ERP solution, versatile, and can be tailored to fit your business needs. Because of NetSuite’s flexibility and ease of use, it is very well-suited for all business scales. In fact, NetSuite adapts to your business needs, improves productivity, and supports rapid growth in businesses.  

If we talk about NetSuite’s features, one can say that it’s an umbrella that centralizes all managerial operations like sales, finance, human resources, marketing, and so much more under one roof—kind of a one-stop shop. So, integrating NetSuite with your business operations will bring efficient and profitable ways of working in your business.  

NetSuite allows you to run your operations smoothly and is an investment that will save your company time, effort, and money. The sole thing you need to think about is selecting a perfect NetSuite partner for your business needs. Partnering with a NetSuite implementation expert in India can simplify your ERP selection process.  They’ll help you navigate NetSuite India offerings and pricing, ensuring a smooth transition to a powerful system for your business success. 

Here’s a 7-step guide to select your perfect partner from the pool of NetSuite Companies in India.  

  1. NetSuite Certified:

    It goes without saying that you should make sure your consultants are certified by NetSuite. We at ERP Buddies believe certification not only adds partner credibility but ensures everyone stays on top of the market needs. It is even better if the team you are in talks with has specific knowledge of the module related to your project. You can also confirm if the company is listed under NetSuite implementation partners in India on the NetSuite India website. 

  2. Industry Experience:

    There are tons of partners for Oracle NetSuite India, with abundant experience. But the trick is to choose a partner that can offer solutions for your business’s particular problem. ERP Buddies offers everything from NetSuite implementation for manufacturing industry in India to data migration for ecommerce industry. So, it is mandatory to check if they have carried out similar projects before with remarkable results because practical industry experience makes a lot of difference compared to opting for a partner company that is new to the industry.

  3. References and Reviews: 

    The only way to check if a partner can transform your business is by looking for excellent references from their previous clients. It is not just about an ERP setup; they understand your business and people. At ERP Buddies, we not only love helping build businesses, but we love it when a client expresses their token of appreciation. A personal review from a company will help you decide on a great NetSuite implementation partner. In such cases, a review can be a dealmaker. 

  4. Past Projects: 

    The most essential link for selecting your partner is choosing an Oracle NetSuite partner in India with a track record of completing projects within certain deadlines. It’s 100% possible they’ve executed the solution amazingly well for a business facing similar challenges. Now, ERP Buddies are proud to have 400+ consultations and implementation for 400+ satisfied clients. Now, numbers like these prove a certain solutions provider have been in the industry for a long time.

  5. Customization:

    Every business is different, even if they are in the same industry. Your ideal partner should be able to analyze your pain points and effectively turn them into strengths by suggesting necessary customizations and integration for your operations. They are the bridge between the NetSuite features and your business’s challenges. We at ERP Buddies hold a special love for customization projects.
  6. Training and Development:

    Before going live, your employees should be trained to use new operations. After all, these changes are being implemented for efficiency. At ERP Buddies, we make it mandatory for client’s employees to know the foundations of the new system. So, your NetSuite partner should be able to equip your employees with enough knowledge and NetSuite training so that once the project goes live, they can easily adapt.

  7. Post Go-Live Support:

    Now that NetSuite is implemented, your business might need extended support from your NetSuite partner. There could be moments when you can’t find a way to do a task with the new system in place. For such cases, you must select a responsible NetSuite partner in India that is equipped to provide go-live support.  We at ERP Buddies are always there for our clients as and when they need us; we have a dedicated 24/7 support team in India. 

NetSuite has excellent functions to turn your business operations around to drive growth. And ERP Buddies can help your business reach its highest potential with our NetSuite services like licensing, consultation, implementation and so much more. Reach out to our Buddies today! 

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