Acumatica for Distribution

Growing distributors and those who use entry-level accounting or legacy distribution ERP systems must modernize warehouse operations in order to remain competitive. What this requires, is the adoption of a business system that can effectively manage inventory, order processing, inventory transactions, and more. Acumatica for the Distribution industry provides a platform for wholesalers to modernize operations with tools to manage projects, support cases, and installations or upgrades.


Features That Simply Processes for Variable and Complex Items:

  • Manage items using attributes (e.g. size, colour, dimensions, packaging)

  • Create Kits to Stock or Pick Components for Orders with Advanced Features

  • Manage Compliance with Lot and Serial Traceability for Recalls & Quality Control

  • Variable UOM for Purchasing, Stocking, and Sales with User-Defined Conversions

  • Lot Expiration Dates with First-Expired, First-Out Picking and Stock Rotation

  • Item Management for Distributors