Your Cannabis Business Needs An ERP System

As the cannabis industry grows, so should your business processes. The more saturated the industry, the more competition to compete with, update your processes to stand out from the crowd.


Track your growth, process and/or distribution. Every movement will be logged, including harvest information, plant information and bulk information

All in One

One system that will take care of Data Analytics, Compliance, Crop Management, Financial Management and CAPA Management

Customer Service

In order to keep up with the competition, it is important to enhance your customer’s experience. Robust client lists and custom forms will put you on top.

What ERP Buddies Can Do For You

ERP Buddies Inc. understands the ever growing industry of cannabis, with in depth knowledge, our team has the ability to lead cannabis companies to success.
ERP Buddies has led companies in the U.S.A and Canada to success.
The cannabis industry is a unique one which requires unique internal processes. ERP Buddies offers unique tools that allow for efficient operations, compliance and traceability. The features we offer include:

Operational Data

Inventory Tracking

RFID and barcode automation tools

Integration with state and provincial regulatory systems

Seed-to-scale traceability

Automated compliance tracking and report generation

Product recall management

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