NetSuite ERP for Fashion/Apparel Industry

NetSuite ERP for Fashion/Apparel Industry

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NetSuite ERP for Fashion & Apparel

When your new business sets foot in the market QuickBooks seems to be a cheap & viable option to “get the job done” but NetSuite does it far lot better… As your business grows and as the market paradigm shifts, companies tend to hinder their growth as they get stuck within their legacy systems. These outdated Business Management Systems often fail to grow along with your organization & put your brand in the danger of becoming obsolete. ERP Buddies would be explaining how NetSuite ERP for Fashion & Apparel companies can streamline processes for more growth.


An ERP System like NetSuite, on the other hand, is capable of doing much more than a basic ERP system, thanks to its customizable abilities. But oftentimes companies are too reluctant to undergo the process of change due to the underlying fear of implementing a new Management System.
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However, if you’re experiencing any of the following defects with your current Business Management System or QuickBooks, it might be time to look into a new one to ensure your business doesn’t halt at all.

When your new Apparel & Fashion business sets foot in the market, one solution that businesses often consider is QuickBooks. QuickBooks seems to be a cheap & viable option to “get the job done”. But when companies opt for a cheaper solution, they tend to run into scalability issues and soon outgrow their legacy system. This leads to wastage of resources and increases in IT maintenance costs and the use of multiple business management systems to manage each department individually as QuickBooks won’t seamlessly integrate easily.

As your business grows and as the market paradigm shifts, companies tend to hinder their growth as they get stuck within their legacy systems. These outdated Business Management Systems often fail to grow along with your organization & put your brand in danger of becoming obsolete. ERP Buddies team would be explaining how NetSuite ERP for Apparel brands be it Apparel Distributors or Manufacturers can streamline processes for more growth and seamless integrations

An ERP System like NetSuite is capable of doing much more than a basic ERP system like QuickBooks. It is a comprehensive, fully integrated cloud-based apparel manufacturing and distributing software. Thanks to NetSuite’s customizable features, NetSuite is, therefore, able to cater to your business needs as required. But oftentimes companies are too reluctant to undergo the process of change due to the underlying fear of implementing a new ERP System.

However, if you’re experiencing any of the following defects with your current Business Management System or QuickBooks, it might be time to look into a new one to ensure your business doesn’t halt at all.


Is using multiple Business management systems a solution for Fashion/Apparel industry?

When companies start to face the above-noted problems, they look after additional systems to manage that task in particular. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon to see a company use multiple business management for various different tasks. However, it quickly becomes a burden as you then end up managing various systems with little to no effect on your efficiency.

So instead of spending your $$$ on multiple business systems, Fashion companies today are opting for an ERP system or an Enterprise Resource Planning System for their all-around solution.

NetSuite ERP for Fashion/Apparel industry

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Today, NetSuite is regarded as the #1 ERP system in the world with over 21,000 + customers across 200 + countries.

What makes an ERP System so viable, is the fact that it operates from the cloud. When your company has a cloud presence it establishes concrete & real-time access to data that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere, anytime on any smart device

When an ERP system is enabled, your organization is able to establish new business models, workflows and even approval processes that seem to fit as per your business needs & demands (thanks to the limitless customizable features of NetSuite). With its customizable dashboards, predefined roles, reports & features, your organization can develop a system that encompasses the everyday needs of your company.

When it comes to the Fashion/Apparel Industry, ERP Buddies realize your needs

Improve employee productivity & accountability with NetSuite’s amazing reporting features

Every Fashion & Apparel company is always on the lookout for a flawless Inventory Management & Financial system. When these 2 functions are operable from the same ERP system like NetSuite, it gives the company access to real-time sales & inventory data.

For instance, with NetSuite, your employees will be better able to handle customer queries as they would have real-time access to inventory & its latest offerings/ discounts.

Since NetSuite operates from the Cloud, your crucial Stakeholders & Executives will now be able to make data-driven decisions as they would have access to every file and report necessary.

Some more reasons to Choose NetSuite ERP for the fashion/apparel industry

Every legacy system has its defects, but it shouldn’t hinder the capability of the Company to function effectively. As your company starts to experience growth, your legacy system will soon start to slow down your business operations. As your competition grows, you need to make sure that you’re using state-of-the-art processes to stay ahead in the game. Using NetSuite will allow your company to develop its own workflows and processes as it’s a completely scalable platform.

Clearly, QuickBooks is outnumbered here. So why would you still gamble with software that is bound to slow you down? Instead, opt for your all-around solution and focus on actual company growth. ERP Buddies teams are dedicated to your success and will be committed to improving your organizational effectiveness with NetSuite. As a NetSuite Solution Provider, we ensure your Fashion & Apparel business that NetSuite will become your single, all-around solution that encompasses your entire business need.

ERP Buddies, your NetSuite Implementation partner for the Fashion/Apparel industry

Your competitor is probably among the vast number of businesses that have already Implemented NetSuite to meet their business requirements. Being a NetSuite Implementation partner, we assure our customers and their NetSuite users that you would be at the centre of all things.

Our 24/7 Onsite & On-call service ensures your business is up & running at full efficiency all the time. We have helped countless businesses, from SOHO, midsized businesses to moderate and big-name Enterprises harness their true potential with the Implementation of NetSuite ERP. No matter how complex your business processes look, or the business size or the amount of manpower/users you have, the ERP Buddies NetSuite Software experts team will provide a meticulous NetSuite Implementation Solution that will effectively improve your efficiency by ten folds!

NetSuite ERP for the Cannabis industry.

NetSuite ERP for the Cannabis industry.

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NetSuite ERP for the Cannabis industry

The cannabis industry is vast and demands state-of-the-art practices to ensure the best product reaches the shelves. With the legal cannabis business setting off, this industry is bound to see huge growth in demand and customers. It is predicted that the legal cannabis market will reach up to $55 billion in the next few years. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to ensure your business is ready for the rising customer demand. Canadian cannabis companies currently need a proper ERP system to help uplift their work operation for added productivity and improved product quality checking. NetSuite ERP for the Cannabis industry comes equipped with many features that can help cannabis companies to meet their goals.

Cannabis management software: NetSuite ERP

The cannabis industry landscape demands real-time visibility to track plant growth, inventory, sales, shipping & more. NetSuite is a fully customizable & scalable ERP system that offers a 360-degree solution and tools at a minimal cost. NetSuite’s intuitive features allow itself to grow as your organization opens new pathways to success.

Solutions include, but are not limited to: Tracking plant growth, managing Accounting & Financials, eCommerce, Warehouse operations & inventory management among more. NetSuite Cloud ERP gives your employees the freedom to operate from anywhere as your data will be available on the cloud. With NetSuite your business can eliminate manual processes, allotting you more time to focus on matters that actually drive growth

NetSuite Benefits for Cannabis companies

NetSuite ERP for Cannabis enterprises can


NetSuite ERP is known to propel businesses to the next level with its customizable features and trackability functions. ERP Buddies assures businesses that with a NetSuite implementation your company can streamline its entire functions, lower operational costs & improve productivity by ten folds!

With tremendous experience in implementing NetSuite across multiple verticals, ERP Buddies will become the partner you can rely on. We provide on-site assistance & 24/7 conflict resolution with our packages.

The cannabis industry is going to scale exponentially and as a business, it’s your responsibility to stay up with the changing times and our team can help you with that.


Women in Power

Women in Power

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Prachi Patel, Sr. NetSuite Consultant

NetSuite never sleeps & this is why our commitment to service organizations in this moment becomes stronger than ever. This feat wouldn’t have been possible if it was not for our talented team members who have made this look easy with their constant availability and communication.

Deanne Joyce, Associate, NetSuite Consultant

Of course, we miss our workplace & our colleague, but that is no reason to get ourselves down. Due to the lack of commute, I’ve been sneaking in some workouts & practicing better self-care for myself and my family, as I firmly believe that “ A healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

Esther Garcia, NetSuite Consultant

At this time, I encourage myself and my team members to remain client-focused. Each day, we are a little more creative in our approach. We constantly reach out to each other, share ideas and positive messages. This helps make our work easier and feels like the buddies are always there for each other.

Ainur Abulkairova, Administrator

Sustaining hope and remaining optimistic are the key to these trying times & my team at ERP Buddies keeps proving that. Every day, I see us grow and bring innovative solutions to unprecedented problems. Thank you to all my buddies.

Akshata Patil, Marketing Research

At any point of time, we may be faced with an unpredictable uncertainty. What we can do to set-off the adverse effects of the lockdown in this economy is, to keep going. Stay truly optimistic, follow the safety protocols & these times shall soon pass.

Yamini Khanna, Business Development Executive

During this pandemic, the team environment of all companies will be tested. Thankfully ERP Buddies has gone above and beyond in being a constant support with their remote work from home tools, team discussions and meetings. I have been constantly supported and am able to maintain my productivity during this period.

Fareeha Ghani, HR Generalist

Human resource is not just a department but a strategic approach in a time when our organization and the world is facing this pandemic. During this time, my focus is my team and making their transition easier among the constant changes and hurdles. As an HR Generalist, my job is to ensure work demands are met, positions are filled, and that even though everyone is working apart that we continue our buddies work ethics.

Improve Marketing ROI with NetSuite Cloud ERP

Improve Marketing ROI with NetSuite Cloud ERP

Table of Contents

The 21st century is a data driven era & running a business means handling vast amounts of data & marketing which leads to crucial man-hours being spent to manage it. Oftentimes, businesses ignore the need for proper data management which leads to their data being haywire. Not only does this affect your data integrity but it also affects your customers and you end up thinking about why your ROI hasn’t increased… Therefore, in 2020, it is a necessity for businesses to invest in gaining more visibility through the use and integration of an Enterprise Resource Planning solution like NetSuite, & a Customer Relationship Management application like Salesforce.

Note: NetSuite ERP has an innate CRM functionality which can track customer data as required. However, NetSuite ERP does allow for integrations with 3rd party CRM softwares like Salesforce for instance.

An ERP software like NetSuite is the key to streamlining your internal process such as but not limited to: Managing inventory, operations, Shipping, CRM and tracking employee productivity among more. With NetSuite ERP your company gets access to valuable insights which were never available before.

Gain Customer Insights with NetSuite

In order to acquire & retain customers, brands need to be equipped with insights into crucial data like which products are being sold and the marketing campaigns that are gaining traffic etc. A CRM system will provide the latter information, whereas an ERP system will give information about inventory, purchasing etc. At the very base, an integration between the 2 software’s will provide the Marketers with insights regarding any campaigns that must be stalled or insights into creating new ones according to the demand.

For instance, NetSuite can foresee a surge in traffic & inform you via prompts / warnings about the need for a marketing campaign to support the increase in traffic.


Track production, sales, returns & predict your customer needs with NetSuite

Brand loyalty is an important aspect for any organization. Brands need to let their customers know that their expectations will be met, and their values will be looked upon if they are looking to improve their brand loyalty. NetSuite ERP will keep track of your inventory, production, distribution & more whereas a CRM system will track information like customer history, most valued customers, returns etc. When your customer service team has access to customer information & real time information about inventory it will enable them to provide the best possible experience and avoid product returns or unease among the customers. This ultimately helps the Marketing team to achieve their goals.

Oversee marketing & sales on a Geographic level with NetSuite

Our Experts have the capability to customize your ERP system to showcase the most successful locations in terms of sales, client acquisition, commissions or any KPI that’s important for your business. Tracking such data can be helpful if a brand has a particular location that is performing better than others. Access to such information allows Marketers to develop special campaigns that target a locality via AdWords, Social media or even traditional mediums like transit advertising etc. Tracking such data can be helpful if a brand has a particular location that is performing better than others. On the other side, marketers can go back to the drawing board to develop strategies to help with improving the performance of areas which are not pulling the expected traffic for the brand.

No more data duplication, thanks to NetSuite

When companies have 2 distinct platforms for handling their ERP and CRM, they often tend to run into issues like data duplication which impacts their data integrity. Unifying data system ensures every change is automatically reflected throughout the organization. When the Sales and the Marketing team has access to this unified data, they can cater their efforts to cases that need utmost attention without affecting any other functions, this is particularly important for businesses that deal with B2B clientele.

NetSuite ERP is capable of unifying your entire business to give you a streamlined business procedure encompassed of CRM & ERP capabilities, all with just NetSuite Cloud ERP.

Access data from anywhere with NetSuite

The ease of accessibility that comes with NetSuite ERP is simply incomparable. When your business operates from the cloud, your company files & information become accessible to everyone across every department. With just a few clicks, every employee will have access to a huge database about orders, inventory management and customer service to ensure they are better equipped to serve the customers all the while being protected by various security measures.

Switching ERP Systems

Switching ERP Systems

Switching an ERP System from your company’s Eco-system is a daunting task as it requires tremendous planning and participation from all employees. As time passes by, you might end up noticing that your ERP system is not functioning to the mark you would expect it to be. Employees might have issues updating new information, or simply the ERP system needs to be updated with new functionalities.
Sometimes, the process in itself can cause an issue with the current ERP system. If an ERP system expects things to be done in an order of 1-2-3-4, employees have to adhere to that way of action. Mapping out the employee journey is a crucial aspect which helps in determining any possible loopholes which can be eliminated with a new/updated ERP system. Following are some factors to watch out for to avoid mishap and ensure a smooth transition onto a new/updated ERP system.

ERP Buddies Inc. has outlined a few more important considerations that will help for a successful implementation with a new ERP system.
Employee Participation For New/Updated ERP System
Every organization has its own way of doing things. When new things come into way, employees tend to resist it, as its easier to favor the old processes. Therefore, introducing new change becomes a crucial backbone of every company.

Some things, that can help with the resistance are: providing notice to employees about the upcoming change.
– Highlight the importance and benefits of the change.
– Include every department into the thought process, to understand their views and to maintain data integrity.
– Offer employees to test the software and provide on-going training to employees

Switching To The Right ERP System For Your Brand.

ERP systems are highly customizable. Every ERP system tends to be different from one another as every business operates differently with varied KPI’s

An example can be about a manufacturing firm which would require its ERP system to track inventory, packaging, shipping and so on…
Other businesses may or may not require such functionalities at all. Due to the flexibility of an ERP system, companies can choose the type of functions to be added and save money on vice-versa.

Therefore it becomes easier train employees as they only need to learn the necessities.

Managing Your ERP System Is A Long Game!

Choosing the right ERP System is an on-going process which can be improved and modified as your company grows.
Therefore, its always suggested to partner with Cloud Solutions Partners who will assist with any technical know-how that’s needs to be answered.

ERP Buddies Inc. has a team full of Expert Consultants specializing in understanding the needs of our Clients and their industries to provide the best solution within the budget.

Even after the Go-live stage, ERP Buddies Inc. provides Training service to help on-boarding employees to the new ERP System. Our Support service provides bug-fixes and optimizations to ensure that the system works in the manner its supposed to.

Feel Free to drop in a message, or checkout our Free Assessment to let our Expert Consultants take a close look at your business to recommend the best ERP Solution for your business.