NetSuite 2022.1 Manufacturing – Improvements in Warehousing & Supply Chain Management

NetSuite 2022.1 Manufacturing – Improvements in Warehousing & Supply Chain Management

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Signature Release Features for Customers in the Manufacturing Environment

Zoning in the manufacturing industry highlights some of the problems managers face that put them in great competition with suppliers, retailers, and distributors. NetSuite took notice of these problems as well and has prepared a custom release package, NetSuite 2022.1 Manufacturing, that will equip manufacturers with the tools and insights, they need to address the challenges.

With the current workflows, manufacturers are finding it difficult to compete with issues of oversupply of materials, undersupply of workers, also, inflation affecting the price of raw materials. Despite the challenges, manufacturers are determined to find out how they can improve production predictions, increase productivity through automating more, and lessening any inventory left in stock rooms.

To make this work, NetSuite 2022 Release 1 (NetSuite 2022.1) is set to overcome the challenges for customers with advanced features that will improve their overall competitive performance.

Get a complete scope of the 2022 NetSuite Release updates by downloading the notes below, and see what is in store for your business’ growth.

This blog explores the updates from 6 NetSuite modules for NetSuite 2022.1 Manufacturing:

Supply Chain Release Features: Improved Inventory Management


New Filters in the Supply Planning Workbench Software Release Enhances Production Planning

Currently, the Supply Planning Workbench is being used to display supply and demand orders and access details on finished good components. This helps manufacturing companies with the availability of resources and the ability to have modifications. The operations team access these details and improve production planning since the parts and materials can be checked and verified to ensure they are ready for delivery based on the date set. Adjustments can also be made at any stage based on any changes in the demand. This customization will especially help customers in the food and beverage industries, as the features of the release increase the efficiency of business processes when dealing with suppliers.

Taking it to another level, the improved Supply Planning Workbench in NetSuite 2022.1 (NetSuite 2022 Release 1) will provide customers with more insights for faster business processes and more informed decisions. When selecting items in the application, managers can now apply filters that only show related information to the role they direct. This filtered information would also provide more relevant descriptions of the item, vendors, and information regarding any oversupply that may exist.

Customizations Now Project the Status of Suppliers for Increased Efficiency in Business Processes

Mitigating the occurrences of under and oversupply is another challenge that the 2022 NetSuite Release 1 has taken on. With a new modification to the Vendor Performance Scores, manufacturers will get more data insights on the best possible timeline of the orders for certain supplies. NetSuite uses past data to create smart insights on the performance of each vendor matched with a ‘Confidence’ rating on a scale of 1 to 100 for each ‘reliability projection’. The benefits of new release having smarter insights include better planning, purchasing, and negotiating when it comes to vendors.

Resource Allocation for Manufacturers with Limited Inventory

Operation managers can better determine how best to split up their available supplies using the new prioritizing functionality in 2022 NetSuite Release 1. The key is to allocate inventory based on what is best for the business. The new solution allows production planners to do more with the ‘Allocated Demand’ feature; specifically, they can allocate their supplies to relevant orders (customer, work, or transfer) based on the new customization. For available supplies, they can be better allocated by prioritizing either profitability, critical customers, or sales channels.

New Supply Chain Management (SCM) App Functionality to Validate and Control Inventory Quantities

Supply quantities can now be easily validated and controlled for production runs using the new application updates in NetSuite Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management (SCM) apps. For the manufacturing application, the designs have been made simpler and provide a more intuitive user interface. With this update, production managers can validate the quantities needed for production runs. The app also has an ‘Enable / Disable’ feature to aid in controlling over-production. If there are any extra supplies, the inventory levels can be controlled by this new app feature.

Warehousing Release Features: Supports Better Flow for Pick Paths & Packing Strategy

The updates to the Warehouse Management System (WMS) app offer better zone picking, tally scanning, and searching capabilities. For zone picking, the app updates increase the speed at which the product is found in the warehouse by accommodating both single and multi-order picks. These reduce the time in movement it takes workers to search for and scan items. This especially benefits workers who use different methods of picking to reduce any repetitions or duplications of pick paths and have a better flow with zone picking.

Warehouse workers will be able to simultaneously scan and count items for put-aways, cycle counting, and inventory transfers with the ‘Tally Scanning’ update. With this update, they no longer need to manually enter numbers for each item, since there is more accuracy in tallying. In addition, when finding the ‘picking status’, managers have an improved searching experience since they can now choose more waves to be released at one time. This customization also saves time when searching for, and printing labels which are all done on the mobile app.

Packing Solutions to Save Time on Business Processes

There are updates made to the NetSuite Pack Station app to increase packing speed by addressing the numbers, instructions, and units. For the numbers, the packing and unpacking of “ship as is” items will be able to be done in bulk instead of individually. The instructions for packing each item will now be shown before packing starts. This helps production planners to have better control and processing times. NetSuite 2022 release 1 update also includes a built-in unit conversion tool for weighing each package in either pounds or kilograms as required.

Cash Position Release Features: Cash 360 Software Functionality for Business Decision Making


Functionality for Better Financial Decision Making & Business Processes in the Cash 360 Environment

NetSuite 2022 Release 1 has launched the Cash 360 app, an all-in-one financial management dashboard. It shows the company’s cash position as required, either in weekly insights or predictions for 6 months, all mapped on clear graphs/charts. Manufacturing financial managers use this tool for strategic planning, workflow accuracy, and auditing current inventory for improvements or savings. The app has an ‘Event’ feature that allows managers to add any large purchases, investments, or loans that the company decides to take. Each event is easily accessible, and the data can be analyzed to make smart financial decisions to further improve the cash position.

Customization for Intercompany Transactions in Cash 360 Software

Bills and credits can now be tagged by companies that do not have a full workflow on the new NetSuite App update. This makes it easy for accountants to match invoices for intercompany transactions. The foundation for this update was the ‘Intercompany Netting’ feature in 2021 Release 2 which reduced the human input and potential errors for subsidiary-related transactions. NetSuite further enhances the view of the intercompany account balances.

Inventory Release Features: Inspection Upgrades for Better Quality Management

Inspection Messages in NetSuite Quality Management App

To ensure manufacturers maintain the best quality throughout the production process, the new release now supports on-demand inspections in the NetSuite Quality Management app. These can be set up for certain times or as necessary in addition to the standard set schedule. Triggers are also built-in to send alert messages to workers of any failed inspections and repairs that need to be reinspected.


Full Screen Customization of Tracked Lots

Reports for operation processes also get updated on the app, now with a full display of all the ‘Tracked Lots’ for both forward and backward tracing on screen. Operations managers can also modify the parameters for the report based on the transaction or the item to help with inventory management.

Save Time Assigning Inventory Numbers to Order Phase and at Fulfillment

Fulfillment numbers will be better and more easily assigned with the new release. Specifically, for ‘First Expired, First Out’ (FEFO) fulfillment that helps to reduce under-utilized inventory, the numbers are more simply assigned to items that need them. The update also reduces the steps for FEFO, since it can be used at both assigning inventory to order phase and now at fulfillment.

Analytics Release Features: More Data to Make Informed Decisions


Using Past Data for Smart Future Predictions

The 2022 release updates the NetSuite Analytics Warehouse app to help manufacturers devise more tactical and strategic decisions to meet the demands of the industry. From maintaining low costs to satisfying customers, NetSuite provides the data and analytic tools to help to make better decisions. The release offers an overall 50% increase in analytical capabilities with the 18 new transaction types that are already developed and ready for use, as well as new dashboards. The two existing dashboards are the foundation of this new solution, along with 6 new dashboards for business insights. NetSuite Analytics Warehouse also offers ‘Point-in-Time Analysis’ from reports created from past data sets for inventory, work orders, and expense reports.

Analyze Multiple Datasets Without User Restrictions

o improve business performance, the SuiteAnalytics app has updated the user interface, now there are more allowances and multiple datasets all on a single platform. The newly designed interface accommodates a drag and drop feature for needed links and users can also link multiple datasets of custom records. The permission boundaries for analyzing multiple data sets have been removed; now no coding in SuiteScript API nor developer resources are required first. Less time and resources are spent on analysis with this new feature. Now managers can better measure the business performance for the budget, forecast, or planned data to the actual more efficiently.

Integration Release Features: Combine External and Internal Interfaces in One Environment

Customers Monitor All Business Integrations in the NetSuite Connector App

The NetSuite Connector app has been updated to monitor both external and internal applications in one place. Eliminating the need for manufacturers to use external applications separately. Better monitoring helps with visibility, tracking, and auditing.

Find out More on NetSuite 2022 Release 1

There’s a lot more to discover with NetSuite’s new release and the advantage it offers to manufacturers to make ambitious moves and overcome challenges with the supply chain and purchasing decisions.

Keep an eye out for the live updates in the production Account to get a chance to test before changes are made to the LIVE account.

Let ERP Buddies handle all the tech support needed to test these updates in your Sandbox Account. This way there is no interference with your existing workflows. Click Here to touch base with a consultant.


How a Shoe Manufacturing Company Benefited from Merchandise Hierarchy Reports

How a Shoe Manufacturing Company Benefited from Merchandise Hierarchy Reports

Table of Contents

Shoe manufacturing peaked in Canada at about 52.9 million pairs in 1968. Imports were not substantial in the Canadian market until the early 1960s when they jumped from 6.8 million pairs to 75 million pairs in 15 years, this accounted for 63 percent of the whole Canadian market for footwear that year. Imports from Asia dominated the low-cost sector, while imports from Europe dominated the fashion footwear industry. According to the industry, the existing market share of less than 50% jeopardizes the existence of not only the Canadian footwear industry but also the leather industry and many suppliers. Under government protection, due to competition, the industry continued to invest in automation and electronic technologies, as well as restructuring plans to help it compete with foreign firms. The Canadian footwear sector is also expanding its export markets and specializing in winter footwear, for which it has already established a global name.

About the Client

NetSuite 2022.1 Pack Station app comes with new mobile enhancements that help warehouse workers process with faster times and more accuracy. There is a built-in converter for weighing packages that seamlessly switches between pounds and kilograms based on user preference. For accuracy and speed, workers can now check the packing instructions for items for each order packaging in the app before getting started. For speed again, the release comes with a bulk activation feature that helps to accelerate the pack and unpack “Ship As Is” products, rather than doing it individually.

For Warehouse managers, NetSuite 2022.1 helps to make the picking, scanning, releasing, and filtering much easier. The feature highlights customizations in the NetSuite Warehouse Management System (WMS) app that improve picker movement and wave filtering through automation.

ERP Buddies solution



In this case, our client was running into problems focused on the organization of their many products. Although this company has many popular products that are winter-specific, they also have other lines of seasonal wear for the Summer and Fall times. This includes products such as sandals and sneakers. These different product lines introduced their need for a more structured and organized solution that would need to be implemented in their ERP system, in this case, NetSuite. This added feature to their solution would allow the company to create more seamless and automated workflows.


With our client’s extensive product lines due to seasonal wear and new designs, they required a system that would be able to seamlessly provide hierarchy reports that would organize information based on product sales, inventory, and organize the items in a hierarchical manner. By enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of their allocation, store-replenishment planning, and procurement processes, merchants may increase sales, raise profits, and reduce inventory costs.

The solution and Process

ERP Buddies knew exactly what would benefit this client and solve their unique needs. The solution was simple, with NetSuite already implemented, their next step was to develop a category system composed of all of the client’s current types of products. This includes categories such as seasonal (Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring), colours, style types, gender, and more! Determining hierarchy needs provides useful methods to categorize and determine relationships between the products, you can also group merchandise that shares similar characteristics. Having this type of organized structure allows for insight on year-to-date sales, trends and helps determine what the needs of the customer are so that the client can adjust and give their consumer what they need.

The Benefits

Our client’s successful NetSuite hierarchy reports project ensures that their business is operating in an efficient manner that best meets their product lines needs. They can now utilize the hierarchy reports to categorize processes or products for a specified time period and place them in their unique category. Having this organized process can now decrease the loss of capital. After you’ve allocated items, you’ll have a solid structure for workbooks, reports, pricing, promotions, and more in the downstream process. You can make informed merchandising selections using this framework. Using merchandise hierarchy to organize your workbooks or reports makes it easy to examine specific details. Such data is useful for identifying sales trends across product categories and creating sales strategies such as promotions.
Shoe manufacturers develop a wide range of shoe styles, in this case, our client’s product range was so wide due to demand and popularity that they now were seeking new methods of organization in order to help grow and scale their business further. Creating merchandise reports was the ultimate solution that will not only help organize but also provide insights into trends regarding their sales and product demand.

How a Consumer Goods Company Had a Successful Data Migration with ERP Buddies | An In-Depth Case Study

How a Consumer Goods Company Had a Successful Data Migration with ERP Buddies | An In-Depth Case Study

Table of Contents

The food and beverage industry or also known as the consumer goods industry is large, to say the least. It involves the production of consumer goods of all types. This means that there are infinite numbers of different machinery and processes. This is one of the oldest industries that has ever existed that has experienced multiple decades of innovation. New products have been introduced, higher volumes, and there is always a need for specialized machinery and processes. This ranges from machineries such as ovens, mixers, conveyor belts to packaging and bottling machines. There is a high need for equipment in the food production industry, which means an organization of 10 plus products may have up to 10 different processes to coordinate. Therefore, a suitable system must be in place to coordinate and manage all of these processes in the organization.

About the Client

Our client, a North American consumer goods company, with a vast variety of stand-out consumer food products catering to the North American market.They manufacturer deliciously innovative goods that are ensured to be at their freshest state when ready to serve. With operations running all through the United States and Canada this consumer goods manufacturer and locations varying in products and different manufacturing processes a disorder of different software and processes. When organizations operate with a decentralized the most common issue is the difficulty to scale the business and potential mismanaging of the organization could put the financial health of the organization at risk. With an organization such as this expansion is always on the table, therefore the need to have a suitable system in place is significant.


As mentioned, this organization has a number of different products equalling the management of many different processes and coordinating of systems. The issue presents itself in causing the inability to have all systems operating on one software due to different processes. Having this decentralized setup also causes communication gaps in the fetching of live data. No real-time data for inventory levels as multiple locations were backflushing and doing unnecessary inventory counts due to not being able to issue with handheld devices. Another problem identified included the need for improvement of lot tracebility.

ERP Buddies Solution

Our client approached us with a project that we were eager to take on and work our ERP Buddies magic. Part of this project was the need for data migration, meaning that the client needed a full migration of data from their parent company system to a central repository, which in this case is none other than NetSuite. The requirements of the client for this project were to maintain standards of data integrity & validation, without duplicated data.

The Solution and Process

This client benefited from their NetSuite implementation through this migration process in which has allowed the organization to maintain data integrity due to no duplicate data.

The process of implementation includes:

Importing data into NetSuite through detailed mapping of raw data and the creation of custom records. Receiving & pre validating raw data to ensure no columns and/or fields were missing. This proceeded with confirmation of the A/P team which ensured that all open purchase orders were successfully pulled from the previous system. Scrubbing and mapping involved the creation of CSV import files which detailed the mapping in the NetSuite UI. The process of data validation against raw data proceeded with a comparison of numbers, through discrepancies check in order to ensure that the numbers balance in accounting processes. Finally, data validation from business users was needed to proceed and complete the project.

The Benefits

Our client’s successful data migration to NetSuite ensures that the company maintains its data integrity. This allows the business to now operate in an efficient manner on NetSuite ERP that will give accurate data for order quantities, inventory, and more. With this project, there were also underlying processes that were upgraded. Applications were also improved for greater effectiveness & efficiency. Senorities can now look into various business departments to track and monitor productivity and play an active role in the coordination of processes. Data integrity gives companies a huge asset, if there is poor quality data the business runs the risk of generating wrong order numbers, leading to issues such as overstock, and the loss of capital. These types of problems can snowball into the delivery of subpar experiences for the end consumer. Experiences like stock shortages can give your customer a sense of instability towards your business, and potentially lead to the loss of business. Repercussions of inaccurate data can lead businesses down the wrong path and waste valuable time, energy and resources.

Working with ERP Buddies


Our client was impressed with our level of expertise with NetSuite and data migrations. With years of experience under their belt, our clients knew we were the best to accomplish their project and help them meet their goals. The ERP Buddies team is composed of business and technical experts. Our core focus is to provide tools & strategies to allow clients to meet their business goals and requirements. ERP Buddies services include a deep dive discovery call, consulting advice based on required modules and price as per budget, and an overall robust consultative approach!

Having true and accurate data is crucial to the success of a business. False views of performance can be detrimental for the health of a business. Therefore having the appropriate system in place to manage your data and maintain data integrity will uplift and that your business to the next level.

NetSuite ERP for Fashion/Apparel Industry

NetSuite ERP for Fashion/Apparel Industry

Table of Contents

NetSuite ERP for Fashion & Apparel

When your new business sets foot in the market QuickBooks seems to be a cheap & viable option to “get the job done” but NetSuite does it far lot better… As your business grows and as the market paradigm shifts, companies tend to hinder their growth as they get stuck within their legacy systems. These outdated Business Management Systems often fail to grow along with your organization & put your brand in the danger of becoming obsolete. ERP Buddies would be explaining how NetSuite ERP for Fashion & Apparel companies can streamline processes for more growth.


An ERP System like NetSuite, on the other hand, is capable of doing much more than a basic ERP system, thanks to its customizable abilities. But oftentimes companies are too reluctant to undergo the process of change due to the underlying fear of implementing a new Management System.
black clothes

However, if you’re experiencing any of the following defects with your current Business Management System or QuickBooks, it might be time to look into a new one to ensure your business doesn’t halt at all.

When your new Apparel & Fashion business sets foot in the market, one solution that businesses often consider is QuickBooks. QuickBooks seems to be a cheap & viable option to “get the job done”. But when companies opt for a cheaper solution, they tend to run into scalability issues and soon outgrow their legacy system. This leads to wastage of resources and increases in IT maintenance costs and the use of multiple business management systems to manage each department individually as QuickBooks won’t seamlessly integrate easily.

As your business grows and as the market paradigm shifts, companies tend to hinder their growth as they get stuck within their legacy systems. These outdated Business Management Systems often fail to grow along with your organization & put your brand in danger of becoming obsolete. ERP Buddies team would be explaining how NetSuite ERP for Apparel brands be it Apparel Distributors or Manufacturers can streamline processes for more growth and seamless integrations

An ERP System like NetSuite is capable of doing much more than a basic ERP system like QuickBooks. It is a comprehensive, fully integrated cloud-based apparel manufacturing and distributing software. Thanks to NetSuite’s customizable features, NetSuite is, therefore, able to cater to your business needs as required. But oftentimes companies are too reluctant to undergo the process of change due to the underlying fear of implementing a new ERP System.

However, if you’re experiencing any of the following defects with your current Business Management System or QuickBooks, it might be time to look into a new one to ensure your business doesn’t halt at all.


Is using multiple Business management systems a solution for Fashion/Apparel industry?

When companies start to face the above-noted problems, they look after additional systems to manage that task in particular. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon to see a company use multiple business management for various different tasks. However, it quickly becomes a burden as you then end up managing various systems with little to no effect on your efficiency.

So instead of spending your $$$ on multiple business systems, Fashion companies today are opting for an ERP system or an Enterprise Resource Planning System for their all-around solution.

NetSuite ERP for Fashion/Apparel industry

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. Today, NetSuite is regarded as the #1 ERP system in the world with over 21,000 + customers across 200 + countries.

What makes an ERP System so viable, is the fact that it operates from the cloud. When your company has a cloud presence it establishes concrete & real-time access to data that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere, anytime on any smart device

When an ERP system is enabled, your organization is able to establish new business models, workflows and even approval processes that seem to fit as per your business needs & demands (thanks to the limitless customizable features of NetSuite). With its customizable dashboards, predefined roles, reports & features, your organization can develop a system that encompasses the everyday needs of your company.

When it comes to the Fashion/Apparel Industry, ERP Buddies realize your needs

Improve employee productivity & accountability with NetSuite’s amazing reporting features

Every Fashion & Apparel company is always on the lookout for a flawless Inventory Management & Financial system. When these 2 functions are operable from the same ERP system like NetSuite, it gives the company access to real-time sales & inventory data.

For instance, with NetSuite, your employees will be better able to handle customer queries as they would have real-time access to inventory & its latest offerings/ discounts.

Since NetSuite operates from the Cloud, your crucial Stakeholders & Executives will now be able to make data-driven decisions as they would have access to every file and report necessary.

Some more reasons to Choose NetSuite ERP for the fashion/apparel industry

Every legacy system has its defects, but it shouldn’t hinder the capability of the Company to function effectively. As your company starts to experience growth, your legacy system will soon start to slow down your business operations. As your competition grows, you need to make sure that you’re using state-of-the-art processes to stay ahead in the game. Using NetSuite will allow your company to develop its own workflows and processes as it’s a completely scalable platform.

Clearly, QuickBooks is outnumbered here. So why would you still gamble with software that is bound to slow you down? Instead, opt for your all-around solution and focus on actual company growth. ERP Buddies teams are dedicated to your success and will be committed to improving your organizational effectiveness with NetSuite. As a NetSuite Solution Provider, we ensure your Fashion & Apparel business that NetSuite will become your single, all-around solution that encompasses your entire business need.

ERP Buddies, your NetSuite Implementation partner for the Fashion/Apparel industry

Your competitor is probably among the vast number of businesses that have already Implemented NetSuite to meet their business requirements. Being a NetSuite Implementation partner, we assure our customers and their NetSuite users that you would be at the centre of all things.

Our 24/7 Onsite & On-call service ensures your business is up & running at full efficiency all the time. We have helped countless businesses, from SOHO, midsized businesses to moderate and big-name Enterprises harness their true potential with the Implementation of NetSuite ERP. No matter how complex your business processes look, or the business size or the amount of manpower/users you have, the ERP Buddies NetSuite Software experts team will provide a meticulous NetSuite Implementation Solution that will effectively improve your efficiency by ten folds!

Benefits of NetSuite ERP

Benefits of NetSuite ERP

Table of Contents

The benefits of NetSuite Cloud solution for your business are many, but many often fail to understand them. Companies think an ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) can be avoided to save costs on their business challenges as their business doesn’t qualify to be an “enterprise” yet. Despite the name, every company can benefit from an ERP system as it’s designed to be customized to suit every business operation, no matter its size, workforce or locations.

What's an ERP system & what are its benefits?

An ERP system is designed to streamline the work process within the industry by allowing all departments to be in synergy with one another. NetSuite Cloud ERP will allow organizations to track and share order-related data like production, sales orders etc. with internal employees and with external factors like vendors, contractors and suppliers as well. Work processes like, handling inventory, product demand, supply chain and sales can be gathered within a single system that can be accessed by every employee no matter where they are. This is due to the fact that NetSuite abides by the highest accessibility standards.


What’s an ERP system & what are its benefits?

An ERP system is designed to streamline the work process within the industry by allowing all departments to be in synergy with one another. NetSuite Cloud ERP will allow organizations to track and share order-related data like production, sales orders etc. with internal employees and with external factors like vendors, contractors and suppliers as well. Work processes like, handling inventory, product demand, supply chain and sales can be gathered within a single system that can be accessed by every employee no matter where they are, as ERP software abides by the highest accessibility standards.

Oftentimes, companies from various industries will ensure that their important departments are in line with one other, but departments like Marketing and Sales often get ignored. In order to ensure unity among the workflow, a system like NetSuite can be enabled to track data like sales, orders, customer data and product recall for better customer service which will help the Sales and the Marketing department. This vast ocean of information allows the specified individuals in developing better sales and marketing strategies while taking current data into consideration and that’s one of the crucial benefits of NetSuite Cloud ERP

When an ERP system, like NetSuite, is enabled within a company, communication becomes easy and all the activities stay within the loop at all times while avoiding the risks of crucial data being overlooked.

Such a NetSuite implementation allows firms to establish high standards of customer/ vendor satisfaction and order completion among many while reducing unnecessary costs so the firm can focus on gaining new business while retaining existing customers in a modernized way.

As the benefits and features of NetSuite Cloud ERP far outweigh the costs of its implementation, it’s therefore common to see every company undertake the implementation of a NetSuite ERP.

Here are some of the benefits and features of NetSuite Cloud ERP for your business

NetSuite ERP For Order Fulfilment

NetSuite ERP For Automating work processes

NetSuite ERP for tracking order/product and shipping data

NetSuite ERP for gaining complete visibility

NetSuite ERP For delivering Superior Customer Service

NetSuite for Accounting and Financial management

At the very core, NetSuite is robust accounting software. NetSuite also contains many core financial reporting capabilities that can showcase real-time visibility. Some features include:
  1. Billing
  2. Financial planning
  3. Financial reporting
  4. Governance, Risk and compliance

NetSuite Customer Relationship Management CRM

NetSuite contains a robust Customer Relationship module that comes with many intuitive features. Some functions include:
  1. Salesforce Automation
  2. Reporting and analytics
  3. Cross-sell, Upsell, quoting and order management
  4. Sales forecasting
  5. Customer service
  6. Customer Support
  7. Lead management
  8. Manage customer relations via phone

NetSuite for Human Capital Management

NetSuite contains an all-in-one human capital management (HCM) module called as SuitePeople. SuitePeople streamlines the entire employee handling, information processing, new hire management, onboarding and more

Some functions include:

  1. Payroll management
  2. Time off management
  3. Expense management and more.

In order to figure out the benefits of NetSuite Cloud ERP implementation for your brand, try out our FREE ASSESSMENT or simply leave a message. As NetSuite is a highly customizable platform, it’s common to see many companies implement additional modules to meet their business needs.

ERP Buddies takes pride in creating customized solutions that revolve around your brand and its needs.

ERP Buddies specializes in providing customized NetSuite ERP solutions to your brand that are unique to the goals of your organization.

ERP Buddies Inc. has had the opportunity to work with businesses to streamline their workflow by providing data migration services and specializing in unifying various cloud systems into one via NetSuite ERP integrations.