The self-storage industry is booming, and there are plenty of reasons for that. Some trends observed include the increase of baby boomers seeking to downsize and in need of somewhere to store their belongings. A surge has also been observed of small businesses that are finding it more practical to store inventory in storage facilities rather than renting additional retail spaces. Evolving demand for storage facilities due to these trends has led to a variety of changes in self-storage services as a result of businesses looking to differentiate from the competition and appeal to their customers.

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The drive to differentiate self-storage facilities has triggered innovations that can be used to revitalize the self-storage industry’s needs for both customers and facility operators. Storage operators have identified the need to cater to customers in a new modern way, where they can utilize technology to improve the self-storage customer experience. On the reverse side, the current pandemic has been leaning toward decreasing storage facility personnel to follow Covid safety regulations. The demand to modernize self-storage businesses also stems from millennials becoming the larger percentage of customers using self-storage units. As the millennial population grows, we see the trend of remote work tying in with self-storage because millennials are choosing to store their belongings and work abroad while traveling for longer periods. The main trends observed for self-storage companies are mobile device access, online tenant access, and self-storage business management software to run day-to-day facility operations. These trends will be discussed in detail. 

Mobile Access

In this day individuals crave convenience and ease of accessibility with services. We have become accustomed to relying on and utilizing our smartphones for everything. Some self-storage operations have begun to implement mobile applications that will allow self-storage owners to manage and gain control of their units via mobile devices. With an addition such as this, tenants gain easier access to their storage units and will no longer need to keep track of a specific key or access card. These specialized applications will allow for ease of access and management of the unit all within a mobile application. With the mobile application being available at a self-storage space, there is ease when offering and/or renewing leases with customers. 

Having handheld compatible self-storage software is crucial for the modern customer where they can have access on devices such as tablets, smartphones on both Android and iOS. Customers and employees both benefit from the ease of accessibility where they can work or manage their accounts from virtually anywhere. 

Self-Service Access On-Site

Business owners want to offer customers the ultimate level of convenience and accessibility. With mobile access, the customer service competitive landscape is a game-changer. This comes hand-in-hand where customer trends have led to the option to utilize self-serve options. Tenants will be able to access storage facilities and benefit from the convenience of processing rental payments online, provide electronic signatures and skip the in-store processes. This trend gives facility owners an advantage for their operations because facility personnel and managers will have a reduced workload. 

Convenience is a major key for self-storage users and the business that are operating with tools that are automated 24/7 are reaping great benefits. The self-serve access in combination with the mobile tools leads to a storage tool that changes the self-storage sector. Customer management has never been easier! 

Management Software

It is clear that technology is the main factor driving the revitalization of the self-storage market. Incorporating cloud access control tools such as a self-storage management solution. Mobile apps for tenants and workers offer key features such as payment options, custom dashboards, interactive property maps, and other additional services. Self-storage business owners want to take their business to the next level and coordinate their different storage locations and properties. A business platform based on the cloud provides a centralized dashboard for commercial management where customer sign-ups can be simplified, in addition to built-in accounting and financial functions if needed.

SuiteSpaces Self-Storage Software Solution

ERP Buddies SuiteSpaces solution helps to simplify the daily operations, maximize revenue, in addition to a seamless tenant experience when utilizing the only self-storage facility management software. 

SuiteSpaces is a solution all about self-storage, it features functions such as the ones mentioned above and more! SuiteSpaces can support mobile compatibility, online tenant access, cross-platform and software integrations, multi-storage facility business access, and more. 

When the goal is to revitalize your self-storage business, adopting an advanced solution with built-in features will take your business to the next level. Tailoring your business operations to fit the needs and desires of today’s customers is crucial. It can also make your daily operation a lighter task for employees where they can prioritize responsibilities that require in-person procedures.

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The day in the life of a Facility Manager

  • Operating a facility requires a variety of different tasks. In which SuiteSpaces can easily accommodate with ease.
  • A manager begins their day, by logging into SuiteSpaces, a cloud-based self-storage software, where they will have an overview of the day’s tasks on a customized dashboard. The information displayed will include real-time data, such as the number of leads, tenants, and occupied units. This information allows the facility manager to plan out their tasks.
  • With SuiteSpaces create priority and maintenance lists for tasks such as storage setup, unit clean up, and customer follow-ups. 
  • During morning rounds, tasks such as inspections will need to be completed. The custom dashboard can provide support in informing on data such as the total size of the storage facility, price of a unit, tenant information, and more. 
  • The need to search for customers is simplified. Search a tenant’s name and their account information will be easily accessible to determine the status of rented units and more.
  • Coordinating leads with SuiteSpaces becomes an integrated task. Where facility managers can track leads, return missed calls, negotiate terms, and more!
  • Customers will now be able to process payments online with easy mobile access. Customers can make rental payments online, via email, or through customer portals. Facility managers will also be able to quickly speed the search for invoices, remaining balances, and rental payments. 
  • For facility move-outs, a facility manager can simply click the Move-out button to initiate the procedure. This will coordinate and begin tasks such as initial inspections, final payments, and a clean-up. 
  • Lead management is made easy, a facility manager can input lead information with ease when operating with SuiteSpaces. 
  • Facility managers can also approach the task of revenue management and get an overview of customer profiles where information such as unpaid invoices, balances, and paid units are easily accessible.
  • When end-of-day activities are wrapping up a facility manager can quickly create needed reports that will highlight daily activities, revenue, rented units, and more!

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