Acumatica for Field Services

Growth is the prime objective for all businesses of any size, and therefore field service is an attractive expansion option for many firms. However, success in the field services requires the right team and resources, along with an accurate and effective system.

A well-designed Field Service Management system is an essential tool for managing the service aspect of business operations to control costs, deliver needed service efficiently, and meet customer demands.

Acumatica ERP supports distributors, manufacturers, and services businesses with a fully integrated field service management system. Acumatica continues to build a reputation for providing the highest quality business management solutions that are transforming companies, resulting in great success in today’s economy.


Why Choose Acumatica for Field Service Management?

With Acumatica Field Service Edition, unlock a 360-degree view of customer activities allowing an enhancement of the overall customer experience along with an increase in customer satisfaction, resulting in higher recurring revenues and a newly gained competitive edge.

Acumatica’s unlimited user licensing and role-based security enables your staff and field representatives with the necessary business tools and functions to conduct day-to-day operations, ultimately elevating productivity.

  • Streamline dispatching
  • Reduce response times
  • Minimize costs with the custom management system that works with CRM, sales, inventory, purchasing, accounting, manufacturing, project accounting, and financial reporting
  • Web-based and accessible from various devices



Capture service needs and access customer information, product history, and resources required to condense the time between call receipt and job assignment. Create daily and weekly schedules automatically or use the drag-and-drop tools on the dispatch board to identify the status of each service order.


With equipment management, the complete history of the equipment or machine installed at each customer’s site and tracks repair parts in stock is recorded. It includes manufacturer, model, configuration, and schedule preventive maintenance orders. Customer equipment can be associated with recurring schedules and contracts in Acumatica Customer Management.


Keep your staff and departments connected through any device. Allow access to service information and customer data from any location or time, along with log service and travel time with different billing rates.


When installations are large, all costs are tracked in Acumatica project accounting. Manage your billing with a fixed price, cost-plus, or capped project costs. Bill service orders and appointments directly through the project instead of Service Management.


 Recurring service contracts are a vital aspect of a company’s revenue. Attaining full visibility on renewal dates for each contract aid in preserving revenue. Dashboards can alert the service team of expiring contracts and create and manage multiple service schedules per customer.


With Acumatica, the task warranty management is integrated with other applications making it a less time-consuming process. Determine warranty offers for customers, with specifications regarding which parts are under warranty. Multi dimension contacts assist in tracking warranties from sales to repair in the field, specifying areas of coverage. This process ensures billing accuracy and the overall improvement of customer satisfaction.


Receive control and keep track of various locations and costs. Inventory may be sent to a specific location and when parts arrive, the dispatcher is alerted to schedule service appointments for installation.


 All members using the system are up to date with data that is relevant to them through Acumatica BI (business intelligence). Personalized dashboards are created, turning raw data into accurate visuals, allowing users to track progress and identify trends.


Customer information is completely visible throughout the organization, providing a 360-degree view of all customer interactions. When wanting to sell equipment, the installation appointment can be scheduled at the same time the user is in order entry.


As an ERP that is built for the cloud, Acumatica is enabling growth in the field service business by improving areas in management with tools like scheduling and dispatching, tracking installed equipment, inventory management, and accounting/administrative. The well designed and integrated Field Service Management system by Acumatica is the critical tool for managing the service portion of a business, ensuring customer satisfaction and full control over costs and deliveries.


ERP Buddies as your Acumatica Implementation Partner

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