Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources – All Features

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a comprehensive platform that provides HR teams with tools to improve organizational agility, transform the employee experience, and optimize HR programs. With the ability to centralize people data using Dataverse and Microsoft Power Platform, HR teams can easily extend Dynamics 365 Human Resources and make data-driven decisions by analyzing and visualizing people data on rich dashboards that are available on any device.

  • Dynamics 365 Human Resources also enables managers and employees to increase engagement and growth by empowering them through connected self-service experiences.
  • When planning a Human Resources environment migration, customers can use the automated migration tooling in Lifecycle Services to move their current environments to the new infrastructure.
  • The process for the migration is mostly automatic, but business users will have to complete some manual steps and validation after the migration. To ensure a successful migration, customers should plan an appropriate amount of downtime for the migration of their production environment, which can take around three to four hours depending on their organization’s data.
  • In the Employee and Manager self-service overview, there are various features that allow employees to manage their career information, including leave and absence, performance management, competencies, benefits, tasks, and attachments.
  • They can view their time off balances, create and submit time off requests, and manage their goals with Performance Goals. Employees can also view their current compensation, manage their skills and certificates, and view and manage documents with the Attachments tile.

Personnel management is essential to organizing the workforce by using departments, jobs, and positions. Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides the flexibility to set up custom position hierarchy types and reporting relationships for each hierarchy type.

  • The Position hierarchy page allows users to view the reporting structure of positions and search for positions by position ID or worker name.
  • The Personnel management workspace is a central hub that includes personnel movements, tracks employee changes, open positions, address changes, expiring records, analytics, and links to specific information.
  • The workflow capability for Human resources provides numerous workflows for managing human resources activities, enabling HR teams to efficiently manage changes and keep employees’ data accurate.
    • Workflows are available for various types of employee information, including identification numbers, courses, education, image, loaned items, professional experience, project experience, skills, positions of trust, human resources actions, and course registration.
    • Workflows can also include a review process for employees who are hired, transferred, or terminated, ensuring that documents or actions are reviewed and approved before being completed.

The Workflow system in Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides functionality to create individual workflows or business processes. The system ensures consistent processes, process visibility, and a centralized work list, enabling users to track the status, history, and performance metrics of workflow instances.

Leaves Management

Dynamics 365 Human Resources offers a comprehensive Leave and absence workspace, providing a flexible framework for creating new leave plans, managing requests through workflows, and enabling employees to request time off through an intuitive self-service page. With analytics capabilities, organizations can measure and monitor leave balances and usage for their leave plans.


Human Resources also provides a set of tools for defining and managing a benefits program, including benefits, deductions, and workers’ compensation plans that an organization offers or processes for its workers. Before workers can be enrolled in benefits, organizations must create the elements of each benefit, such as the type, plan, and options. For each type of benefit, organizations can offer one or more plans to workers, and for each plan, they can offer different options.

The Benefits management overview in Dynamics 365 Human Resources highlights the benefits of offering a rich set of benefits, including enhanced benefits plans that allow for the creation and management of unique benefit plans and support complex benefit rate tables and nested tiers. Organizations can easily create benefit programs, bundles, and auto-enrollment rules to provide an easier employee experience.


Compensation management in Dynamics 365 Human Resources enables compensation and benefits managers to maintain and process fixed and variable compensation plans for an organization’s employees. Fixed compensation plans control an employee’s fixed base pay and merit increases, while variable compensation plans control the payment of incentive pay, such as bonus payments, performance awards, stock options, and grants, and also one-time awards.

Performance Management

The performance management process in Dynamics 365 Human Resources enables employees to document and discuss their performance with their manager, who can provide feedback and guidance.

The process consists of three pages:

  • Performance Journal
  • Goals
  • Performance Review

The Performance journal allows employees to document activities and events that contributed to their success, create future activities, and share them with their manager. The Goals and Performance review pages enable employees and managers to set and review performance goals and accomplishments.


Employee Learning in Dynamics 365 Human Resources enables human resources administrators and managers to maintain information about the training that’s offered to workers. Before creating course records, organizations must set up required and optional information, such as course types, classroom groups, course groups, course locations, classrooms, and instructors.

In summary, Dynamics 365 Human Resources provides a comprehensive suite of tools for managing leave and absence, benefits, compensation, performance management, employee learning, and workflow, enabling organizations to attract and retain the best employees through a rich set of benefits and an intuitive, easy-to-use employee experience.

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