Outlined below include a list of components to consider when beginning your ERP Software Selection Process.

The ERP Software Selection Criteria.

Selecting a new ERP system is not an easy task and often involves collaborative efforts from both internal and external teams. For our prospective new ERP users, ERP Buddies has outlined a few of our proven criteria pointers that will assist you in your ERP software selection process.

These pointers are put together with the objective to help you select the most optimal & cost-efficient ERP Solution that’s available in the market.

For added satisfaction, our expert consultants at ERP Buddies are offering FREE 40-Hours of system, business and business process analysis which will help us understand your requirements, bottlenecks, procedures and gather possible solutions that can be utilized during your new ERP Implementation of either Acumatica or NetSuite ERP.
During this time, we like to focus on making new discoveries that can aid your business and ease its processes.

What makes up a good ERP software solution?

A good ERP software Solution will always have a viable impact on almost every type of business workflow. Modern-day ERP solutions will optimize a company’s activities including but not limited to Financial management, Accounting, CRM, Project Management, Human Resources Planning, Purchasing, Reporting SCM, Sales, Ecommerce, Marketing & more.

As businesses look into new ERP systems, it might feel like a daunting task and that’s why it’s always advised to go with a Partner, like ERP Buddies when it comes to ERP Implementations.

To help with choosing the perfect ERP system, ERP Buddies has shortlisted a checklist that you can use throughout your selection process. This checklist will help you in creating your perfect ERP solution.


ERP Selection Criteria

ERP Selection Process

ERP software Selection Criteria

To explain more in detail, we are going to move forward with our proven ERP Selection Pointers. Our ERP Selection Criteria revolves around a single crucial point that will help you determine the needs of your business, evaluate and compare solutions while ensuring selected solutions fall under your budget.

– Stage 1.

Research, Discover & Understand Business Requirements

Understanding your business and its processes along with your system is crucial when it comes to implementing a new ERP system. Therefore, for the ease of our customers, ERP Buddies offers 40-hours of FREE system, business and business process analysis which is aimed towards discovering your true expectations from your new ERP implementation.

erp software selection

FREE Requirements Gathering by ERP Buddies

As we explore new ERP solutions for your business, we like to focus on the need of collecting comprehensive data through accurate system analysis while focusing on various key areas as we make our suggestions.

Some of the key areas where we like to focus our initial resources are:

  • Understanding what is outdated about your current system & the underlying reason why a new ERP is being considered.
  • Understanding what works perfectly with your current management system.
  • Which manual processes can be automated?
  • Which business areas lack visibility or lack proper reporting?
  • Which other types of business integrations are necessary?

After doing this research, our experts will create a detailed list of requirements for your new ERP implementation. This list gets discussed with key decision-makers from your company where further inputs are added, discussed and possibly finalized.

As we conclude our initial research, it is vital to understand how you would go about your ERP Selection Process.

Understanding the ERP Software Selection Process

Once we know what formulates the first phase of ERP Selection, we then dive into understanding what other factors play a key role in selecting your next ERP solution.

Understanding ERP Functionality & User Experience.

–  Once the initial research is completed, your company needs to understand the user experience and functionality of your ERP system. Getting an answer to these questions will help your business understand if an ERP solution is right on the fundamental level of your business. This often involves a detailed evaluation of your business and users along with your ERP product.

– ERP Buddies will always focus on the end-users of an ERP system as understanding their technological savviness will help our experts create a system that is easy to navigate. This helps us provide your business with a system that is truly user-friendly and tailored to your requirements.

Know your Vendor’s Industry Expertise.

– Industry expertise refers to a vendor capability to cater to your company’s business requirement during your ERP Implementation. Depending on your business requirement, ERP Buddies will create a personalized solution that fits your business industry, type & size. Working with a vendor that understands your industry is crucial, as it allows you to formulate systems that come in-built with best industry practices such as creating an automated sales order for wholesale distribution businesses.

– ERP Buddies has had the pleasure to work with businesses from a wide array of industries such as Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Technology, Professional Services, IT & more. Our experts will walk you through various case studies, to provide a better understanding of the immense success our customers experience with ERP services.

– This has allowed us to concrete our expertise in providing the best custom solution that understands your industry and efficiently targets main industry pain-points.

erp software selection

Understanding Software functionality of ERP system

– ERP systems consist of a great amount of technology that helps your business ease its work functions. As an example, most ERP software will often contain capabilities that are related to creating business intelligence documents, reports, charts and more. Therefore, it becomes necessary to understand the type of technology that must be included in your ERP system.

– To help, we have outlined a few factors that you must consider when evaluating ERP systems during the selection process.

ERP Customization capability.

Ask your ERP Vendor if the ERP solution will be a pre-set solution or something that is unique to your business and its needs.

Our experts at ERP Buddies will always create a solution that encompasses your every business need. These ERP solutions can also be customized to your needs as per the specific function of every end-user, no matter how complex your business processes are.

Portray ERP expectations.

Our experts will constantly ask you for any specific requirement that you may have. As an example, ERP Buddies can help you create a system that can generate real-time sales reports in a click which can be used in presentations. So, make sure to portray your expectations to your ERP vendor.

Understanding Value

At ERP Buddies we like to provide our clients with solutions that can grow along with your business. Our ERP solutions use the most cutting-edge technology which gets updated periodically. Our experts will constantly install new updates and ensure your system stays up to date while eliminating the fear of your new ERP system becoming obsolete, ultimately providing your business with the best value.


This concludes our list of ERP Selection Criteria & Process. It is advised to keep this data handy whenever your organization seems to be on the lookout for a new ERP system.

Last thoughts,

Selecting an ERP system can be a lengthy process with many factors playing a crucial role in decision making. But at ERP Buddies, we like to keep things simple for our clients.

Therefore, we urge businesses to try our 40-hours of FREE system requirements gathering while you plan your new ERP implementation. Doing so will only benefit your business, as you get to understand your system from a third-party perspective. Our suggestions will always follow under the suggested guidelines to comply with your custom requirements and budget allocations. With our rigorous research and analysis, your business will adopt the best system that truly takes your business to the next level.

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