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The Finance industry faces tremendous competition at every step. NetSuite provides its users in the Finance industry the capability to handle challenges with ease. Forget about traditional accounting, with NetSuite your business can gain a single streamlined visibility across the entire organization with access to crucial information from anywhere.

With more than 40,000 organizations trusting NetSuite with their operational processes, NetSuite becomes the industry standard to optimizing and streamlining business functions. NetSuite offers high customization capabilities so you can create a customized ERP solutions that is totally unique to your business needs.

Companies adopting this unified cloud based solution can be sure of witnessing an improvement in productivity. Our team of Expert Consultants will be available 24/7 to ensure the implementation or the support process goes as planned, ultimately helping your business reach new heights.

Key Benefits

  • Accessibility to Real – Time Data
  • Reduce use of spreadsheets and eliminate manual processes.
  • Adhere to accounting standards to speed up the financial close.
  • Customized Reports and immediate visibility into your financial performances with accounting capabilities.

In this day and age, organizations demand solutions that are flexible to handle dynamic business needs. ERP Buddies Inc. with their NetSuite Solutions enables organizations to manage their IT costs, account efficiency. NetSuite’s high customizable options also allow to unify crucial business processes to help improve your brands productivity.

ERP Buddies Inc. specializes in providing a customized ERP solution to all types of organizations.

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