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ERP Buddies helps you shortlist and choose the right ERP system. We take the time to understand your business model and your requirements to choose the best possible solutions. 

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Why ERP Buddies?

Cloud-Based ERP Solution Providers

"Cloud-based ERP configuration is easier with the support of technical and functional experts that help you create, propel and maintain business processes across your cloud platform with the most productive approach"

No Worry, No Limits

Working with ERP Buddies, you will receive a 360 approach to free assessments and live demos.

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We have met the go live date 100% of the time with our clients


We accommodate and work around your budget.


We are partnered with different vendors for a variety of solutions. You can try all!


Free Assessment

Free Demos

We live demo the systems you have on your shortlist. We configure each system, implement specific processes that you have and let you test out how it works. You will be able to interact with the system for best results.