Government organizations and NFP’s often have a lot on their plate. From improving the social life of local communities to providing international outreach for global causes, Governments and NFP’s deal with a lot of complexities at every step.

Due to the limited resources, Governments have to rely on old-school tactics to get their job done. Not only does this limit the organizations productivity, but it also hampers the social impact they pursue after.

NetSuite offers a single business management solution which streamlines all their end to end operations with a single cloud solution which is: NetSuite!

Be it any issue or opportunity, NetSuite’s high customization capabilities ensure your organization is tracking every move. Unify your accounting, fundraising, constituent relationship management or inventory with this single cloud solution.


  • Modify and improve existing operational processes

  • Hone your project and grant plans

  • Improve fundraising effectiveness

  • Delete manual processes

  • Unify global operations

ERP Buddies Inc. specializes in providing a customized ERP solution to all types of organizations.

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