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Current healthcare rules and acts provides patients relief knowing that their doctors are present to provide the care they need. Therefore, it’s a mandate for the healthcare industry to be more patient focused. Due to this factor, the healthcare industry has to allocate special resources to ensure patient satisfaction is at the top.

NetSuite provides various functionalities which can personalize the interactions while keeping your patients at the centre of all discussions. NetSuite also offers a full view of your patients whether its about making an appointment or staying up to date with billing.

Since NetSuite operates on cloud, healthcare industries can create an environment which will provide every patient with real time information and access at any time on any device.

Give your healthcare business the touch of modernization with a NetSuite implementation and stay one on one with your patient and their needs.


  • Create compelling patient profiles with latest updates

  • Access variety of care networks and timelines

  • Incorporate data from 3rd party software’s and hardware’s (wearables)

  • Keep your team updated with any crucial changes regarding patient milestones.

EPR Buddies Inc. has the experience of implementing NetSuite within the healthcare industry for a variety of organizations, ultimately helping them boost their business by improving the patient journey.

With a track record of successful implementation methodologies, ERP Buddies Inc. can be the solution your business has been looking for!

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