How a Consumer Goods Company Had a Successful Data Migration with ERP Buddies | An In-Depth Case Study

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The food and beverage industry or also known as the consumer goods industry is large, to say the least. It involves the production of consumer goods of all types. This means that there are infinite numbers of different machinery and processes. This is one of the oldest industries that has ever existed that has experienced multiple decades of innovation. New products have been introduced, higher volumes, and there is always a need for specialized machinery and processes. This ranges from machineries such as ovens, mixers, conveyor belts to packaging and bottling machines. There is a high need for equipment in the food production industry, which means an organization of 10 plus products may have up to 10 different processes to coordinate. Therefore, a suitable system must be in place to coordinate and manage all of these processes in the organization.

About the Client

Our client, a North American consumer goods company, with a vast variety of stand-out consumer food products catering to the North American market.They manufacturer deliciously innovative goods that are ensured to be at their freshest state when ready to serve. With operations running all through the United States and Canada this consumer goods manufacturer and locations varying in products and different manufacturing processes a disorder of different software and processes. When organizations operate with a decentralized the most common issue is the difficulty to scale the business and potential mismanaging of the organization could put the financial health of the organization at risk. With an organization such as this expansion is always on the table, therefore the need to have a suitable system in place is significant.


As mentioned, this organization has a number of different products equalling the management of many different processes and coordinating of systems. The issue presents itself in causing the inability to have all systems operating on one software due to different processes. Having this decentralized setup also causes communication gaps in the fetching of live data. No real-time data for inventory levels as multiple locations were backflushing and doing unnecessary inventory counts due to not being able to issue with handheld devices. Another problem identified included the need for improvement of lot tracebility.

ERP Buddies Solution

Our client approached us with a project that we were eager to take on and work our ERP Buddies magic. Part of this project was the need for data migration, meaning that the client needed a full migration of data from their parent company system to a central repository, which in this case is none other than NetSuite. The requirements of the client for this project were to maintain standards of data integrity & validation, without duplicated data.

The Solution and Process

This client benefited from their NetSuite implementation through this migration process in which has allowed the organization to maintain data integrity due to no duplicate data.

The process of implementation includes:

Importing data into NetSuite through detailed mapping of raw data and the creation of custom records. Receiving & pre validating raw data to ensure no columns and/or fields were missing. This proceeded with confirmation of the A/P team which ensured that all open purchase orders were successfully pulled from the previous system. Scrubbing and mapping involved the creation of CSV import files which detailed the mapping in the NetSuite UI. The process of data validation against raw data proceeded with a comparison of numbers, through discrepancies check in order to ensure that the numbers balance in accounting processes. Finally, data validation from business users was needed to proceed and complete the project.

The Benefits

Our client’s successful data migration to NetSuite ensures that the company maintains its data integrity. This allows the business to now operate in an efficient manner on NetSuite ERP that will give accurate data for order quantities, inventory, and more. With this project, there were also underlying processes that were upgraded. Applications were also improved for greater effectiveness & efficiency. Senorities can now look into various business departments to track and monitor productivity and play an active role in the coordination of processes. Data integrity gives companies a huge asset, if there is poor quality data the business runs the risk of generating wrong order numbers, leading to issues such as overstock, and the loss of capital. These types of problems can snowball into the delivery of subpar experiences for the end consumer. Experiences like stock shortages can give your customer a sense of instability towards your business, and potentially lead to the loss of business. Repercussions of inaccurate data can lead businesses down the wrong path and waste valuable time, energy and resources.

Working with ERP Buddies


Our client was impressed with our level of expertise with NetSuite and data migrations. With years of experience under their belt, our clients knew we were the best to accomplish their project and help them meet their goals. The ERP Buddies team is composed of business and technical experts. Our core focus is to provide tools & strategies to allow clients to meet their business goals and requirements. ERP Buddies services include a deep dive discovery call, consulting advice based on required modules and price as per budget, and an overall robust consultative approach!

Having true and accurate data is crucial to the success of a business. False views of performance can be detrimental for the health of a business. Therefore having the appropriate system in place to manage your data and maintain data integrity will uplift and that your business to the next level.