Improve Marketing ROI with NetSuite Cloud ERP

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The 21st century is a data driven era & running a business means handling vast amounts of data & marketing which leads to crucial man-hours being spent to manage it. Oftentimes, businesses ignore the need for proper data management which leads to their data being haywire. Not only does this affect your data integrity but it also affects your customers and you end up thinking about why your ROI hasn’t increased… Therefore, in 2020, it is a necessity for businesses to invest in gaining more visibility through the use and integration of an Enterprise Resource Planning solution like NetSuite, & a Customer Relationship Management application like Salesforce.

Note: NetSuite ERP has an innate CRM functionality which can track customer data as required. However, NetSuite ERP does allow for integrations with 3rd party CRM softwares like Salesforce for instance.

An ERP software like NetSuite is the key to streamlining your internal process such as but not limited to: Managing inventory, operations, Shipping, CRM and tracking employee productivity among more. With NetSuite ERP your company gets access to valuable insights which were never available before.

Gain Customer Insights with NetSuite

In order to acquire & retain customers, brands need to be equipped with insights into crucial data like which products are being sold and the marketing campaigns that are gaining traffic etc. A CRM system will provide the latter information, whereas an ERP system will give information about inventory, purchasing etc. At the very base, an integration between the 2 software’s will provide the Marketers with insights regarding any campaigns that must be stalled or insights into creating new ones according to the demand.

For instance, NetSuite can foresee a surge in traffic & inform you via prompts / warnings about the need for a marketing campaign to support the increase in traffic.


Track production, sales, returns & predict your customer needs with NetSuite

Brand loyalty is an important aspect for any organization. Brands need to let their customers know that their expectations will be met, and their values will be looked upon if they are looking to improve their brand loyalty. NetSuite ERP will keep track of your inventory, production, distribution & more whereas a CRM system will track information like customer history, most valued customers, returns etc. When your customer service team has access to customer information & real time information about inventory it will enable them to provide the best possible experience and avoid product returns or unease among the customers. This ultimately helps the Marketing team to achieve their goals.

Oversee marketing & sales on a Geographic level with NetSuite

Our Experts have the capability to customize your ERP system to showcase the most successful locations in terms of sales, client acquisition, commissions or any KPI that’s important for your business. Tracking such data can be helpful if a brand has a particular location that is performing better than others. Access to such information allows Marketers to develop special campaigns that target a locality via AdWords, Social media or even traditional mediums like transit advertising etc. Tracking such data can be helpful if a brand has a particular location that is performing better than others. On the other side, marketers can go back to the drawing board to develop strategies to help with improving the performance of areas which are not pulling the expected traffic for the brand.

No more data duplication, thanks to NetSuite

When companies have 2 distinct platforms for handling their ERP and CRM, they often tend to run into issues like data duplication which impacts their data integrity. Unifying data system ensures every change is automatically reflected throughout the organization. When the Sales and the Marketing team has access to this unified data, they can cater their efforts to cases that need utmost attention without affecting any other functions, this is particularly important for businesses that deal with B2B clientele.

NetSuite ERP is capable of unifying your entire business to give you a streamlined business procedure encompassed of CRM & ERP capabilities, all with just NetSuite Cloud ERP.

Access data from anywhere with NetSuite

The ease of accessibility that comes with NetSuite ERP is simply incomparable. When your business operates from the cloud, your company files & information become accessible to everyone across every department. With just a few clicks, every employee will have access to a huge database about orders, inventory management and customer service to ensure they are better equipped to serve the customers all the while being protected by various security measures.