NetSuite ERP for Apparel, Fashion and Footwear industry

Create an omnipresent Enterprise Resource Planning solution for your Retail and Apparel Distribution Company.

NetSuite ERP provides businesses with real-time data regarding finished goods and the distribution of apparel. NetSuite ERP provides your business with a deeper view into the shopping experience by unifying back-end operations across multiple platforms like web, phone, warehouse and call centers.

Obtain ease of simplified tracking, better vendor relations and customer satisfaction.

Example of verticals that will benefit from NetSuite ERP

– Footwear

– Accessories

– Clothing and Garments

– Textile

ERP Buddies Inc. helps Retail & Apparel Distributors to implement, customize, integrate NetSuite within their business. With profound expertise in understanding business operations & NetSuite Implementations, our team has helped countless companies to harness the strength of NetSuite ERP.

NetSuite features and modules for Apparel, Fashion and Footwear industry

Accounting & Financial management 

Accounting teams can now close books faster and use NetSuite’s modern reporting tool to get faster real-time updates into their company finances and performance. Users can set up notifications and reminders about Accounts Payables (AP), Accounts Receivables (AR) etc. to ensure bills and invoices are paid and in time.

Inventory Management

Get rid of manually tracking your inventory. With NetSuite, you can achieve the best inventory tracking tools that handle inventory across multiple locations and subsidiaries. Users can also set up minimum reorder points to avoid out-of-stock scenarios and to ensure that the most selling product always remains in stock. NetSuite inventory management can also be integrated with your eCommerce channels to provide real-time data of product availability.

Order & Quote Management 

With NetSuite, you can automate the entire quote to cash process for improved efficiency and productivity. Not only does this decrease the inventory holding costs, but it also reduces the burden of manually transferring order fulfillment data from one department to another. Such an automated process is capable of handling everything from quote creation, sales, finances, order fulfillment, CRM, returns and more entirely from NetSuite.

Supply Chain Control 

Maintain complex levels of a garment, textile & footwear inventory and set up notifications that will trigger whenever a specific action is taken. Having such a detail-oriented supply chain model ensures your business has the right mix of inventory in all its channels for superior customer satisfaction and referrals.


Marketing & CRM

ERP Software Selection

Measure marketing ROI, campaign performance and drill down into customer metrics to get a complete view of customer satisfaction. Manage sales targets, focus on upsell/cross-sell and improve customer satisfaction so they keep coming back for more! NetSuite can also track every instance of customer transaction and query to keep the system updated across the entire company.

Point of Sale & Instore 

Give your in-store sales associates the power to overlook complex inventory across an entire company. NetSuite POS solution also provides an in-depth view of customer transactions to help close sales faster and efficiently. Such modern POS and in-store experience can modernize your business and transform the outlook for the customers.


NetSuite eCommerce is a complete eCommerce solution that integrates with your inventory to provide real-time access to present inventory data. Customers can also create self-service portals to check fulfillment status, initiate product returns or contact customer service.

B2B & B2C Operations 

Provide experience in every B2B & B2C scenario with a single platform & maintain your data integrity across the company. Manage customers, vendors, contractors, labour, team and employees with a single system and eliminate costly overhead costs and redundant software upgrade charges.

Benefits of NetSuite for Apparel, Fashion & Footwear industry

Complete Omnichannel Commerce

  • Enter into new geographies with a full-fledged eCommerce website with complete support for conducting multi-currency operations across multiple countries, locations and even subsidiaries

  • Conduct B2B and B2C operations with customers, vendors and contractors etc. from the same system.

  • Achieve seamless inventory visibility across multiple sales channels for easy order fulfillment

  • Integrate back-end operations with instore POS for a smooth customer checkout process.

Accounting & Financials

  • Eliminate manual data entry and make use of NetSuite’s all in one robust reporting functionality.

  • Automate accounts receivables and accounts payable processes such as billing, invoicing, overdue and more

  • Gauge historical data to predict future requirements and changes

  • Use NetSuite’s real-time reporting to oversee every financial transaction in real-time.

  • Optimize revenue recognition process, reduce billing errors and set up custom approval processes to minimize errors and improve productivity.

  • Close books faster and keep every data secure

Global inventory and order management

  • Take orders from across the globe or reserve inventory for special sales, promotions and discounts individually for either retail or direct customer sales.

  • Fulfill orders from anywhere, anytime

  • Reduce out of stock scenarios by achieving complete inventory visibility across every location and subsidiary

  • Easy and automated order fulfillment process that automatically assigns orders to the nearest warehouse based on optimal shipping costs, stores or even excess inventory

CRM & Marketing

  • Get a 360-degree view of your customers across every channel.

  • Empower your sales team to promote cross-selling and upselling with every order.

  • Commission management and tracking

  • Manage and measure marketing campaign ROI and set up specialized campaigns based on trade shows, events, seasons, festivals and more.

  • Setup customer notifications that trigger whenever a specific action is taken such as a reminder notice to renew a subscription etc.

  • Engage B2B/B2C customers and set up individual rules for each.

  • Track and handle customer issues, create tickets and provide solutions in the least possible time

Supply Chain Management

  • Global supply chain management

  • Access to complete supply chain status and deliverables

  • Effectively increase service levels and create optimal order management plans for quicker fulfillment.

  • Predict demand based on historical data and order products to avoid stock-outs and inventory wastage costs.

  • Setup quality check processes to get the right product into the right customers

NetSuite SuiteSuccess features

SuiteSuccess Starter Edition is an ideal solution for businesses with preferably less than 10 users. The Starter Edition utilizes the most common industry functionalities and uses pre-configured KPIs, workflows, reminders, dashboards and reports for the most common roles in your company to create a desired ERP system within 100 days.

The base approach of NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition is to utilize the most important industry approaches at the start to create a system that is not only fully functional but also provides a strong foundation for limitless system scalability and integrations at a reasonable cost. So, companies that choose to implement NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess Starter Edition don’t have to fear outgrowing their NetSuite system even 10+ years from now!


  • Pre-configured roles and dashboards as per industry

  • Freedom to be truly mobile with NetSuite’s cloud-based SaaS

  • Pre-built industry reports

  • Free 2 software updates from NetSuite

  • Inventory Management (can be added if needed)

  • E-commerce functionality and modules

  • 3rd party software integrations

  • Real-time view of business and all departments

  • Pre-configured User Roles

  • CRM automation

SuiteSuccess provides access to Pre-configured dashboards, KPI’s and reports of the fashion and retail apparel industry like:

  • Inventory turnover report

  • Product category reporting

  • Weekly style trend reports

  • Same stores sales per hour reports

  • Sales per hour reports

  • Sell-through ratio report

  • Stock to Sales reporting

  • Shrinkage report

  • Unites per transaction report

  • & more

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Benefits of implementing NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess Starter Edition for the Apparel, Fashion and Footwear industry

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