NetSuite is the industry-leading cloud manufacturing software, which can sharpen production, financials and supply chain. Your Manufacturing business can benefit with better order management, production plans, warehouse management and accounting along with enhancing customer relations.

Manage your entire business and its processes with a single SaaS solution. Whether you’re a distributor with manufacturing needs or a true manufacturer, your business can avail the competitive edge with a NetSuite ERP implementation.

NetSuite provides a deeper vision into the business allowing to act quicker and helping to avoid errors and delays.

Key Benefits

  • Highest Customization capabilities

  • NetSuite offers built-in support for manufacturing businesses as per their processes through their industry-specific dashboards.

  • Total Visibilities

  • A unified system solution to track updates across all departments.

  • Fast responses to important updates



Management of Work order

  • Manage & create bills for work orders
  • Create standard/custom work orders
  • In-build stock & component fulfillment based on current demand and forecasts

Work Centers & Routings

  • Discuss operating costs, resources with work centers
  • Manage & support complex assembly processes with advanced routing

Bill of Materials

  • Multi-level bills for added convenience
  • Back up for JIT manufacturing
  • Customized assemblies for lot numbers & serials

Intelligent inventory

  • Use the business cycle to track inventory & component.
  • Manage production as per demand only.

Product Tracking

  • Complete product history for each assembly
  • Manage warehouses and raw materials through the warehouse


  • Bills of materials for work orders, assembly & goods
  • View important manufacturing metrics or create some based on your business on a user friendly dashboard.

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