Meet the Team

Equipped with experiences needed to scale businesses, our Team of Experts has been known for delivering optimal results to our Clients through high optimism and rock hard dedication to ensure our Clients meet their goals.

Our Expertise spans across multiple industries, business processes, departments and multiple geographies.

Checkout our Team page to get to know our team member on a personal level and understand why they make us Who We Are.

Meet the team

Our Company

“I’ve cherished every client whom I’ve worked for and they’ve turned into my coaches. I appreciate the trust that senior management has offered me and the opportunities I have to lead huge changes within the company. What keeps me here is the energetic team and how they support one another. Something incredible about ERP Buddies is that there are numerous paths you can take and we are all Buddies”

Prachi Patel, ERP Buddies Inc.

“I started at ERP Buddies as a fresh graduate and have had the opportunity to build my career and knowledge around NetSuite. Together we work as a team who share the common goal of helping companies prosper. I am proud to be working with a growing and knowledgeable team”

Bhavik Bhavsar, ERP Buddies Inc.

“Being an employee at ERP Buddies Inc. has shown me that an environment that fosters close, family values and a high degree of work ethic and professionalism is a company that allows me to thrive and prosper. What drives ERP Buddies Inc. is the phenomenal leadership and the continued contributions of all my colleagues striving for a prospering company and a warm, welcoming home”

Richard Dip, ERP Buddies Inc.

“Working for ERP Buddies allows me to be myself in a work environment that values individuality. Our team is a second family, we work hard together, have fun and support one another. I have found my path at ERP Buddies and look forward to growing and learning more”

Dien Nguyen, ERP Buddies Inc.

“I feel fortunate to be apart of ERP Buddies. Working here has allowed me to expand my boundaries as well as my knowledge in NetSuite. Everyone here is treated like family and the best thing about the firm is that you can feel free to ask and share you thoughts anytime to anyone”

Dhruv Soni, ERP Buddies Inc.

“ERP Buddies has given me the opportunity to grow professionally & personally. We are like a family accountable to do our best when it comes to serving our clients. Thanks to the strong leadership that always has your back in providing you unconditional support.
Happy to be a part of this growing organization”

Akshata Patil, ERP Buddies Inc.

“Working at ERP Buddies Inc. taught me skills that are required to be successful in the IT industry. The advice we get from our leaders is simply priceless & that’s why I consider myself glad to be a part of this Buddies family.
I look forward to making more contributions to the company that values us and our hard work.”

Hamza, ERP Buddies Inc.

“My journey till date with ERP Buddies Inc. has been one with many memorable moments. I am grateful to all my colleagues for being my source of inspiration & motivating me to always go above and beyond for the company. I look forward to making more contributions that would help our brand succeed in every way possible.”

Shreyas , ERP Buddies Inc.

“I am proud to be a part of the Buddies family which has created an environment allowing me to let my creative juices flow at full extent. I can now confidently say that due to my experience here, my skills have branched in various directions. Thanks to my colleagues for always being there & I wish them continued success for all the years to come.”

Vivek, ERP Buddies Inc.