Every year NetSuite releases 2 major updates and right now it is time to prepare for the second NetSuite update which is the 2021.2 update. The new NetSuite update factors in customer feedback and user experience for further system modifications and ease of use. NetSuite provides robust changes within their financial management and functionality aspects for industries such as Wholesale Distributors, Manufacturers, Software Companies, Retailers, Ecommerce, Professional Service Companies, Non-Profit organizations, and more. 


As always, NetSuite updates provide promising new features and functions to address key areas of concern, and this year is no exception. As NetSuite users, you must be thinking about where and how to get started but do not worry. Your Buddies are right here. And we are more than happy to provide a FREE CONSULTATION to answer every question. Check out our comprehensive list of NetSuite 2021.2 Upgrade FAQs here.


The first step – Test and Validate the 2021.2 upgrades in your NetSuite Release Preview (Sandbox) Account

NetSuite emphasizes the need to test and validate the upgrades in the NetSuite Release Preview (Sandbox) Account to ensure that they do not interfere with any of the existing customizations, scripts, workflows, or integrations that are in place once the upgrade gets LIVE

What do Testing and Validating the 2021.2 upgrades mean? 

Simply put, we must test the new upgrades with your existing system functionality. If there are any changes, your system is going to upgrade which results in improved efficiency, productivity, and speed. 

However, it is important to note that if we do not test your system before NetSuite gets it Live, there is a chance that one of your customizations/custom work processes might run into issues in your Production account. Hence NetSuite provides Release Preview Accounts in phases to trial and test. 

Your Release Preview Accounts will be available for testing from September 2021. 


We understand you might have some questions and we are happy to provide a FREE consultation to answer them

Benefits of testing the NetSuite 2021.2 upgrade in your NetSuite Release Preview Account (Sandbox account) 

– Get the Buddies professional screening for risk assessment and enhancement opportunities. 

– Cross-check, update or modify customizations for a smooth transition. 

– Avoidance of mishaps, delays, and broken customizations before the go-live date. 

– Get ERP Buddies NetSuite health check and optimization consultation.

NetSuite 2021.2 release notes
NetSuite 2021.2 upgrade FAQ’s

Why is it important to test before the actual release? 

NetSuite is an evolving cloud platform that keeps changing for the good. With every update, NetSuite improves its functionality that helps your business system to evolve as well. Therefore, it’s always necessary to be aware of these upgrades as there is a chance that some of your existing workflows be incompatible with the new upgrades. But with some simple tweaks, our Buddies can get them ready before the release date. Therefore, we always say “TEST DRIVE BEFORE ACTUAL GO-LIVE” 

2021.2 Release – Functional Features to Consider
2021.2 Release – Technical Features to Consider

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