NetSuite Cloud ERP Gains Stronger Presence in the Europe

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NetSuite Expansion in the Europe

NetSuite has begun rapidly expanding through many regions, most recently with a great expansion in Europe. Cloud-based ERP systems such as NetSuite have been long gaining momentum and experiencing limitless growth, therefore prompting new editions for in-demand regions. Product enhancements that will complement the European regions have been prepped for the launch where they will be able to accommodate new offices.

Aiming to meet Local Regulations

NetSuite has strategically approached the European launch unveiling features that will cater to global financial capabilities meeting the local tax and regulation requirements. This expansion comes with heavy consideration of customers where efforts have been doubled to ensure the success of NetSuite partners and the customer base. Other features added include more control over intercompany accounting across multiple regions, improving the auditing process, reduced financial close times while exceeding standards when conducting bank reconciliation.

With more localized functions for those running a business abroad, NetSuite is the perfect solution. With the ability of products such as SuiteSuccess, these businesses in areas such as the UK will be able to lead their organizations to success with industry-leading processes using pre-built KPIs and dashboards with a 360-degree view. This expansion initiative will attract the business sectors of in Europe as well as SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) partnerships such as ERP Buddies that develop customized solutions that provide NetSuite integration onto platforms across other countries. The globalization of SDN partnerships supports the growth of NetSuite systems globally with solutions that are tailored to local requirements. This venture also promotes the development of more SuiteApps which enhance the unique needs that industry micro verticals require at both a country and regional level.

New Support Offices & Data Centers

Other investments in NetSuite’s globalization plans include additional direct sales forces in countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany, also quadrupling the sales force in other European countries. Other teams such as marketing and service personnel have also grown to meet the needs that will address country and region-specific regulations. This rapid expansion has even included a data center in Germany that will aid the lack of modern computing offerings in the region. Currently, NetSuite utilizes a total of 6 data centers, including four in North America, and two in Europe (Amsterdam, and Dublin).

NetSuite’s business growth is undeniable which offers the conclusion that this cloud ERP system is in high demand across many regions. With the software able to offer a variety of business solutions, it offers an opportunity for business owners to have a digital transformation when integrating a cloud platform into business operations. Oracle NetSuite UK is a large enterprise, that’s expansion is setting a tone in the cloud ERP sector internationally.