The Wholesale Distribution ERP Solution You Need

In a highly competitive landscape, distribution companies must be agile and efficient while remaining innovative in order to meet customer expectations. It’s important to choose the best ERP cloud solution that tightly focuses on your business sector in order to deliver a highly competitive platform. This is why NetSuite introduces the Wholesale Distribution ERP solution that is dedicated to innovating, building, and transforming your business practices.



NetSuite ERP For Wholesale Distributors





The NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition

Choosing NetSuite as your ERP solution means placing your business in the hands of the leading ERP system in the market with over 19,000 satisfied customers worldwide. From Inventory Management to Streamlining CRM with Distribution, NetSuite ERP is capable of unifying every business department. Companies that opt into this modern solution tend to progress along with the market and the global scenario as they are backed by a system that constantly grows along with your needs.

The NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition provides several services focused on solving unique business challenges while providing a competitive advantage.

  • cloud management system for numerous departments
  • A singular instance of data across manufacturing, wholesale and retail enterprise
  • A unified omnichannel presence
  • a 360-degree view
  • Out of the box roles, reports and dashboards
  • Industry Expertise

NetSuite has combined sales, marketing, solutions consultants, software development, and professional services into one Wholesale Distribution team that is equipped to innovating and delivering the ideal solution on the market. 





Pre-Configured Dashboards, KPIs and Reports

NetSuite ERP is designed specifically to provide you and your team the adequate tools to enable faster and make better decisions. This includes pre-configured dashboards, KPIs, and reports that allow the system to be easily adaptable and user friendly. Every member of the Wholesale Distribution business will receive access to their own personalized home dashboard that includes daily tasks that must be completed. The dashboard is complete with pre-configured alerts, KPI’s, and notifications.




Unified Omnichannel Commerce

The primary goal for wholesale distributers is to sell products consistently through multiple channels, and NetSuite ERP is positioned to bridge the gap across different channels in order to meet the needs of omnichannel shoppers. The NetSuite Wholesale Distribution Edition is designed to handle and monitor sales throughout all channels from one single place, enabling a seamless and accelerated transaction process.



Wholesale Distribution business will benefit with NetSuite ERP





Real-Time Global Inventory and Order Management 

NetSuite consists of real-time global inventory that allows you to track and fulfill sales regardless of where you are. When you have multiple locations position internationally, it can get difficult to monitor and receive updates on all sales. However, NetSuite provides real-time updates so that everyone in the company who are spread internationally are all on the same page in regards to inventory position, availability, and commitments.

Our Advanced Order Management solution lets you monitor the lifecycle of an order while managing lead time, service level, and availability in order to perfect product assortment and deliver accordingly.





Financials and Accounting

Many businesses turn to static data monitoring solutions, like Excel, to view financial and accounting data. Not only does this hinder the ability to obtain accurate insights but it also prone to data errors. The lack of accurate data within these static reports ultimately affect multiple departments resulting in restrict cash flows. NetSuite’s architecture eliminates a robust reporting engine and seamlessly integrates order management, inventory, CRM and e-commerce functions and provides clear visibility into costs, margins, and revenue.





CRM and Marketing

Clear communication is the key to success when it comes to retailers and wholesalers. It is essential for a marketing team to gain access to client preferences, purchase history and geo-location to segment and customize campaigns to market messages effectively. NetSuite CRM provides Sales Force Automation, marketing automation, customer support and service, e-commerce, and flexible customization all from a single cloud CRM solution. Elevate productivity across the organization with a 360-degree view of all customers, improve sales performance by predicting upsell and commission management, automate communication with triggered emails, build intelligent campaigns, track customer issues, and much more.





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