NetSuite for Arms & Ammunition Business

Tracking acquisitions and orders for thousands of firearms is a time consuming process. In order to maintain a competitive edge, speeding up customization processes like special colours, handgrip installment becomes necessary.

As a manufacturer, it also becomes important to eliminate manual processes to make room for matters that require immediate assistance.

NetSuite ERP provides Arms and Ammunition businesses with the ease of managing inventory, shipping, customer information and more within a single system.

EPR Buddies Inc. has the experience of implementing NetSuite within the arms and ammunition industry for a variety of organizations, ultimately helping them boost their business by improving the customer journey.

Key Features

  • Firearms tracking

  • Integration with numerous software’s

  • Improvement in scheduling

  • Analyze important reports and key areas.

  • Customer Relationship Management

Download Datasheet: Explore Features & Benefits of NetSuite for the Firearms industry.

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