NetSuite for Non Profits

Government organizations & Not For Profits (NFP’s) have a lot on their plate. From improving the social life of local communities to providing international outreach for global causes, Governments and NFP’s deal with complexities at every step.

Due to the limited resources, Government bodies have to rely on old-school tactics to get their job done often limiting their productivity but also hampering the social impact they pursue after.

ERP Buddies Inc. offers a single business management solution that streamlines all their end to end operations with a single cloud solution which is: NetSuite!

Be it any issue or opportunity, NetSuite’s high customization capabilities ensure your organization is tracking every move. Unify your accounting, fundraising, constituent relationship management or inventory with this single cloud solution.

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  • Modify and improve existing operational processes

  • Hone your project and grant plans

  • Improve fundraising effectiveness

  • Delete manual processes

  • Unify global operations


  • Meet business goals

  • Constituent Relationship Management

  • Fundraising

  • NFP Finances Management

  • eCommerce

  • On-point analytics & reporting

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