Is a NetSuite Health Check important for business?

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When it comes to your business growth, there are key checks that must be done on your NetSuite ERP system to ensure it is functioning optimally. For NetSuite users, that’s where the NetSuite Health Check service comes in and carries out functional Enterprise Resource Planning systems maintenance.

For each business, their NetSuite experience has unique ERP needs, such as custom fields, scripts, and even saved searches. All aspects of the ERP system need to have ongoing improvement through maintenance services to operate properly over time. Without regular ERP checks, NetSuite users are at risk of experiencing daily issues from delayed processes & responses, to program inconsistencies, and even unwarranted expenses. All aspects of the business become affected by these issues since the ERP system is the central database for all the departments, therefore making the NetSuite Health Checks even more pertinent.


What’s on the ERP Buddies’ NetSuite Health Checklist?

System Diagnosis List
Clean Up List
Optimization List

The 5-Step Process for NetSuite Health Check:


ERP Buddies will discuss and jot down your NetSuite problems or pain points that must be addressed.


ERP Buddies Experts will utilize industry-leading procedures and applications to crawl, map and note down your NetSuite configuration.


ERP Buddies Experts will examine your NetSuite configuration and will look out for unused customizations or optimization opportunities.

Debrief & Planning

ERP Buddies will present highlights & key findings of all required customizations that our Experts will come across to help improve your NetSuite experience.


ERP Buddies will work towards reconfiguring your NetSuite system. Run trials & will ensure that new configurations meet the needs of the growing business.

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Customized Support for your business model

The ERP Buddies’ NetSuite implementation approach to support considers your business’ current workflows and objectives first. After diligent analysis of your NetSuite instance, our Implementation team will make a note of current issues and suggest opportunities for growth. With your business requirements and goals in mind, our technical expert creates custom workflows that are geared towards future growth and provides an in-depth report of the current software. At the post – implementation stage, further actionable reports will be provided to guide the team through their newly, enhanced NetSuite ERP system.

Our focus also lies in synchronizing all departments with our NetSuite ERP solutions and out-of-box customizations to provide clients with better internal visibility for understanding pain points in-depth. With offices in the U.S, Canada (North America), Philippines, India (Asia), and now also Europe, our NetSuite experts are always accessible globally and make it their priority to create a smooth and positive experience for our clients at every step of the way with their cloud-based ERP.

Meet your NetSuite Solution Providers

No matter your industry, ERP Buddies has experts with diverse skillsets to check and optimize your custom NetSuite ERP system. Our System Architects and Data Engineers are experienced in the areas of Accounting, Project Management, Finance & Inventory Management & more. The cloud ERP health check process will identify all the improvement spots in your business processes, highlight their potential benefits, then optimize or remove manual processes to ensure your business’s ongoing success. The advantages of cloud checks are mainly cost savings, customer success, improvements in delivery time of real-time data.