The benefits of NetSuite Cloud ERP for your business are many, but many often fail to understand them. Companies think an ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) can be avoided to save costs as their business doesn’t qualify to be an “enterprise” yet. Despite the name, every company can benefit from an ERP system as it’s designed to be customized to suit every business no matter its size, workforce or locations.

Within this blog, you will find solid points that state how your business can benefit of a Netsuite Cloud ERP implementation.

Whats an ERP system & what are its benefits?

An ERP system is designed to streamline the work process within the industry by allowing all departments to be in synergy with one another. NetSuite Cloud ERP will allow organizations to track and share order-related data like production, sales orders etc. with internal employees and with external factors like vendors, contractors and suppliers as well. Work processes like, handling inventory, product demand, supply chain and sales can be gathered within a single system that can be accessed by every employee no matter where they are, as an ERP software abides by the highest accessibility standards.


Often times, manufacturing industries will ensure that their important departments are in line with one other, but departments like Marketing and Sales often get ignored. In order to ensure unity among the workflow, an ERP system can be enabled to track data like sales, orders, customer data and product recall for better customer service which will help the Sales and the Marketing department. This vast ocean of information allows the specified individuals in developing better sales and marketing strategies while taking current data into consideration and that’s one of the crucial benefits of NetSuite Cloud ERP

When an ERP system, like NetSuite, is enabled within a manufacturing company, communication becomes easy and all the activities stay within the loop at all times avoiding the risks of crucial data being overlooked.

Such an implementation allows firms to establish high standards of customer/ vendor satisfaction and order completion among many while reducing unnecessary costs so the firm can focus on gaining new business while retaining existing customers in a modernized way.

As the benefits of NetSuite Cloud ERP far outweigh the costs of its implementation, it’s therefore common to see every manufacturing company undertake the implementation of an ERP eco-system.

Here are some of the benefits of NetSuite Cloud ERP for your business

NetSuite ERP For Order Fulfilment    

  • Streamlining business processes is the core of an ERP system. Providing information like product demand, supply chain and vendors ensures the order fulfilment process goes smoothly from start to the finish.
  • When such information is readily available, your business can function seamlessly without having to run into the risks like lack of product to meet the high demand.

NetSuite ERP For Automating work processes

  • Most ERP systems can automate various business processes like creating billing inquires, product specifications and managing vendor lists. By automating most processes, businesses save money and time which helps to allocate time to the resources that need utmost attention.
  • As an ERP system offers the highest customization options, every business can determine for themselves the type of work they want to be automated.
  • ERP Buddies Inc. takes an in-depth look into your organization to provide the best recommendations for your business to cut down labour costs and improve productivity.

NetSuite ERP for tracking order/product and shipping data.

  • As manufacturing businesses deal with order placement, shipping while managing its inventory. Due to this, tracking such information often involves keeping your vendors and receivers into the loop. An ERP system can be customized in a way to allow tracking your product while it gets shipped out of your warehouse to the point where it is accepted by the vendor and later till it gets to the rightful owner.
  • This high transparency minimizes room for human error ultimately saving time and money for the business.

NetSuite ERP for gaining complete visibility

  • As stated earlier, every ERP system can enable departments to be in synergy with one another, eliminating the guesswork. A steady flow of information will help departments like the Sales and Marketing to predict future needs and to tweak existing marketing efforts aiding in improving the growth of the company.

NetSuite ERP For delivering Superior Customer Service

  • When your customer service team has access to information of order details like shipping, product returns etc. they are able to assist customers with queries in the best possible manner. The team will be able to provide important data like ETA, any foreseen circumstances that may occur and so on.
  • With a well-established ERP system, the information will be up to date, allowing to predict future changes and demands smoothly.

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