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NetSuite FAQs2021-08-24T16:31:21-04:00

NetSuite FAQs

ERP Buddies is here to answer your burning NetSuite questions.

Our podcasts, webinars and other video graphic content is an amazing way to get yourself acquainted with NetSuite ERP

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What is the cost of acquiring NetSuite?2021-03-31T10:40:03-04:00

The licensing cost of NetSuite Business Management Software will always vary from business to business. Multiple factors like the number of users, type of industry, location, customizations etc. affect the licensing cost.

To simplify NetSuite operates on a pay per module bases which means you only pay for the modules your business needs.

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What is included in the NetSuite pricing?2021-03-31T10:40:39-04:00

Software hosting, system maintenance and conducting upgrades are included in the NetSuite pricing.

What’s the maximum number of users that NetSuite can handle?2021-03-31T10:41:26-04:00

NetSuite’s modern functionality can support a single user to upwards of 1000+ users alike.

Is NetSuite a multi-tenanted cloud service?2021-03-31T10:43:42-04:00

Yes, NetSuite is a multi-tenanted cloud service which means better cost savings, automatic system upgrades, company scalability and more.

What are some Finance and Accounting features of NetSuite?2021-03-31T10:44:39-04:00

NetSuite comes equipped with an all-in-one financial management & accounting system.

Some of the key features include:

  1. General Ledger
  2. Accounts Receivable
  3. Accounts Payables
  4. Tax Management
  5. Fixed Assets Management
  6. Cash Management and Job Costing
  7. Payments Management
  8. Financial reports & forecasting etc.
What is SuiteCommerce Advanced and SuiteCommerce Standard?2021-03-31T10:45:18-04:00

SuiteCommerce Advanced is an eCommerce solution that unifies your eCommerce with core company operations like order management, inventory management, customer relationship management, finances and more. SuiteCommerce Standard takes the templated approach to building your eCommerce website at an accelerated pace.

Can NetSuite integrate with a Customer Relationship Management system like Salesforce?2021-03-31T10:45:51-04:00

Yes! NetSuite is fully integrable with a CRM application like Salesforce, HubSpot, Magento and more.

What is NetSuite SRP?2021-03-31T10:46:27-04:00

NetSuite SRP is an all-in-one Services Resource Planning (SRP) system that encompasses multiple business operations like – CRM, Professional Services Automation (PSA), Finances, Accounting etc. to create a seamless system for the services business. NetSuite SRP also supports the entire bid-to-bill lifecycle as well.

What are some key capabilities of the Inventory Management module?2021-03-31T10:47:15-04:00

NetSuite offers many tools to accurately track and manage your inventory. NetSuite can also track inventory across multi-location. Some of the main features are:

  1. Replenishment management
  2. Cycle Counting
  3. Product Traceability
  4. Warehouse Management
  5. Demand planning and Supply chain planning
  6. Distribution Requirements Planning etc.
What is NetSuite OneWorld ?2021-03-31T10:47:44-04:00

NetSuite OneWorld is a specialized module for enterprises that need to manage global operations across multiple locations and subsidiaries. NetSuite OneWorld provides real-time data at the local, regional and headquarter level to ensure higher-ups have access to important data at all times.


Is there a specific tenure for a NetSuite contract?2021-03-31T10:48:14-04:00

A NetSuite contract may vary from 1-5 years, depending upon your business needs and demands.

Is opting for a multi-year NetSuite contract beneficial?2021-03-31T10:50:23-04:00

Yes, opting for a multi-year NetSuite contract is always beneficial as it locks the licensing costs for the entire term that is signed for.

Can ERP Buddies provide NetSuite Support Services?2021-03-31T10:50:54-04:00

ERP Buddies provides NetSuite Support Service. Our NetSuite certified Experts are available 24/7 via phone and email. For more details, contact us today!

Does NetSuite come with a multi-language functionality?2021-03-31T10:51:24-04:00

Yes! NetSuite is one of the few ERP systems that support multi-language. Currently, NetSuite supports over 25+ languages.

Can NetSuite handle warehouse management?2021-03-31T10:51:54-04:00

Yes! NetSuite has a specialized Warehouse Management System, but alternatively, customers can also integrate their WMS with NetSuite to showcase crucial inventory data in real-time.

Can NetSuite handle tax compliance across multiple subsidiaries in multiple countries around the globe?2021-03-31T10:52:22-04:00

Yes! NetSuite supports tax compliance across multiple countries. Additionally, with SuiteTax, ERP Buddies can help you create custom tax calculations, reports and more if needed. This allows you to conduct operations across the globe without having to worry about tax compliance and regulations.

Can NetSuite support different bank formats?2021-03-31T10:52:49-04:00

NetSuite can easily support upwards of 90+ bank formats.

Why type of companies can use NetSuite’s Enterprise Resource Planning system?2021-03-31T10:53:22-04:00

NetSuite is used across a wide array of industries as its easily customizable. Most common industries include Manufacturing, Distribution, Food & Beverage, Professional Services, Retail, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, MNC’s, Non-profits and more.

What type of business is best suited for NetSuite?2021-03-31T10:53:50-04:00

NetSuite can be used seamlessly by Small, Mid and Enterprise sized businesses alike.

Does NetSuite contain Human Resources functionalities?2021-03-31T10:54:22-04:00

Yes! NetSuite offers a specialized Human Resources module known as SuitePeople which can be included in your NetSuite package.

Can other systems be integrated with NetSuite?2021-03-31T10:54:51-04:00

NetSuite operates on an open API making it convenient for limitless system integrations. ERP Buddies certified NetSuite experts also have experience in developing one-of-a-kind integrations like the NetSuite – EMR integration.

What is the benefit of choosing a NetSuite partner instead of NetSuite?2021-03-31T10:55:24-04:00

Choosing a partner like ERP Buddies is always beneficial as we have multiple industry NetSuite implementation and customization expertise.  We provide solutions based on your requirements while staying within the allocated budget. ERP Buddies will also handhold the clients and provide personalized service throughout the Implementation stage + go-live and even post go-live

Where does NetSuite store my data?2021-03-31T10:58:17-04:00

NetSuite manages its data at 8 of its secure data center locations across the US, UK and Europe

Does NetSuite allow for role-based permission and file viewing?2021-03-31T10:58:55-04:00

Yes! NetSuite is fully customizable and provides role and permission-based functions. Administrators can control permissions and access. ERP Buddies can help you create custom roles and permissions for an optimal experience.

Can NetSuite authenticate end-users?2021-03-31T10:59:24-04:00

ERP Buddies can help customers to set up custom security protocols for end-user authentication. For controlling higher-level access, we can help customers set up multi-factor authentication like SMS, email verification and mobile OTP etc. This two-factor authentication ensures data is secure at all times.

Can NetSuite provide audit trails?2021-03-31T10:59:56-04:00

Yes! NetSuite records every accounting entry for each transaction for easy and convenient reporting.

Can I still use NetSuite if my local internet service provider goes down?2021-03-31T11:00:28-04:00

Yes! As a backup, customers can continue using NetSuite with their 4G connection via any mobile device’s hotspot. Alternatively, customers can also make use of the NetSuite application which is available on PlayStore and Apple store.


Where can I find NetSuite’s standard terms and service agreements?2021-03-31T11:01:06-04:00

For more information, customers can visit

Is there a specific time or date for NetSuite’s scheduled maintenance and are there any additional maintenance costs?2021-03-31T11:01:39-04:00

NetSuite schedules its maintenance from Monday – Saturday from 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM (PST) which generally lasts about 1 hour. NetSuite does not conduct any maintenance between the first and last seven days of the month. NetSuite also does not conduct any routine maintenance during daytime hours. If required, ERP Buddies also provides additional NetSuite Support at an extra price.

Which operating systems are supported by NetSuite?2021-03-31T11:02:17-04:00

NetSuite supports Windows, Apple, Linux, Unix etc. NetSuite is also supported by most industry-standard browsers like Google Chrome, Safari etc.

Which development language/tool is used in NetSuite?2021-03-31T11:02:49-04:00

NetSuite has been built using the J2EE framework. NetSuite uses Java as its core programming language and utilizes various industry best-practices for its development.

What NetSuite data-center audit controls are in place?2021-03-31T11:03:20-04:00

NetSuite adheres to strict auditing controls that are appropriate for SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001 and PCI compliance.

Is NetSuite a scalable software?2021-03-31T11:03:59-04:00

NetSuite is a fully scalable software that operates on a three-tiered architecture. Every tier is fully scalable and can easily support multi-datacenter deployments.

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