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Celigo is an iPaaS (Integration Platform-as-a-Service) that is developed for integrating business solutions to automate their work processes and enable application integrations without any delay. Though there are no coding efforts involved Celigo doesn’t fail to provide visibility across your organization.

Why should you opt for Celigo?

Configuring a custom connection via API has become much more straightforward than signing up for any new trial on Netflix. Celigo rescues you from having to write code from scratch whenever you want to integrate a custom application, saving you time and effort which you can rather use on integrating your systems efficiently.

Benefits and Features of ERP for Non-Profit

with an ERP Software

Developer tools
Innovative and convenient options to design custom integrations. You can create and share stacks, build your own wrapper, generate tokens for direct API calls and more.
Practical Dashboard
The intuitive dashboard will help you oversee and troubleshoot integration flows with the additional benefit of being able to re-run flows and check error details.
Pre-built Integrations
With access to 200+ pre-built connectors and universal adapters, your APIs will not wear off and promote better time-to-value.
Integration Orchestration
Integration Orchestration supports complex processes that allow data to be in motion within multiple systems that are in use. You can arrange multiple imports and exports on a single integration flow as required.
Javascript Hooks
Entirely self-contained, self-service extension ensures an intricate flow logic that accommodates advanced integration templates.

Celigo + NetSuite Integration features

Celigo platforms bring you to process automation across the front and back-office applications that can be deployed, configured and easy to maintain even with fewer technical resources. Check out below some possibilities of using Celigo with NetSuite


Online payments, returns, Integrate with 3rd party software, customer support, marketplaces, storefronts, point of sale,(POS) fulfilment, shipping, etc.

Financial & Accounting management

Streamline your entire financial management for convenient access. Automatic transactions, payment collections, AP/AR and receipts/invoices will be easily available between NetSuite and your banks.

Supply Chain

Real-time integration between NetSuite and 3PL (3rd party logistics) providers like transportation-based, warehouse/distribution, services forwarder based Services, Shipper/Management based and more. Coordinate inventory modifications, export Return Authorization and receive email alerts in case of any errors/exceptions all in real-time.

Celigo integrations


Celigo FAQS

A Celigo and NetSuite integration is essential for NetSuite users who use third-party apps and softwares on top of your existing NetSuite software. Celigo allows you to integrate such third-party platforms and apps with NetSuite so data can be synced accurately in real-time across multiple departments.
Celigo is designed for every industry vertical that ERP Buddies serve. Celigo is ideal for those who are looking to reduce manual labour while scaling at the same time. Contact us to know the scope of your integration requirement.
With Celigo, you can integrate with leading Accounting, Sales, E-commerce, Logistics, Supply Chain and CRM platforms. Any application from any function of your business can be integrated using a custom integration, thanks to Celigo
Despite the fact that NetSuite is an extremely powerful tool, we realize that you may want to integrate 3rd party applications from time to time with your NetSuite instance in order to maximize your productivity. By integrating Celigo with NetSuite, you can easily connect NetSuite with other business apps.
We are not only a NetSuite Solution Provider but also a Celigo-certified Partner. Having achieved Celigo certifications allows us to provide a complete integration solution. We work with you to understand your integration requirement which allows us to provide a streamlined experience throughout the organization.

Integrate your App with Celigo’s adaptors without needing to have an SDK

If your business is looking to integrate NetSuite with an application that wasn’t included in our list above, Celigo is still equipped to integrate any application you need using its HTTP or REST API (representational state transfer) universal adaptors. It can also connect to any FTP server and a wide range of SQL databases.

Why choose erp buddies for your Celigo erp implementation?

ERP Buddies is a North American NetSuite Cloud ERP Solution Provider (Software Vendor) with diverse experience in implementing ERP systems for multiple companies across wide industry verticals with a true cloud solution.

With offices in the U.S, Canada (North America), Philippines, India (Asia) and UK, Spain (Europe), our experts are accessible globally and make it their priority to create a smooth and positive experience for clients. Our experts assist clients throughout the entire implementation process, with on-site support and consultation, along with additional assistance in customizing your system functionality to guarantee it meets your business needs.