Planning & Budgeting (PBCS)

NetSuite Planning and Budgeting can be used by Organizations worldwide to meet their business planning needs. PBCS is accessible via rich interfaces through Microsoft Office or the Web. PBCS enables businesses to address variety of departments like finances, sales and contracts across multiple industries.

Key Features

  • Role-Based Web and MS Office interface

  • Built-in financial intelligence & spreading logic enabled

  • Commentary and Annotation capabilities

  • Flexible Workflow & Plan Management functions

  • NetSuite Financials Integration-ready

  • Reporting and ad-hoc analysis with proper formats and charts


NetSuite Planning & Budgeting can use Excel for adding custom members, slicing and dicing of data as PBCS offers integration with Microsoft Office tools like Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Users get the freedom to create data grids incorporating formats and formulas as well.

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