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Custom Bundles for NetSuite

Discover Out-Of-Box Solutions that Enhances NetSuite

Are you a General Contractor struggling with Project Management capabilities in NetSuite?

Are you into Field Services or Construction and facing difficulties in managing inventory in NetSuite?

Are you Hunting for solutions that can enhance your NetSuite?

We Have Comprehensive NetSuite Solutions for All Your Requirements

Introducing Buddies ProServices:
ERP Buddies Custom Bundles

Buddies ProServices is a collection of custom bundles developed by a team of NetSuite experts at ERP Buddies that can be obtained on a standalone basis or as a combination of bundles. Our advanced solution effortlessly expands upon the existing functionalities of NetSuite, offering  enhanced capabilities tailored to your specific business needs. 

Buddies ProServices Goes Hand-In-Hand With NetSuite

Buddies ProServices, an ingenious solution by ERP Buddies that is built ‘on NetSuite’ and ‘for NetSuite’. Our advanced solution effortlessly integrates with and expands upon the existing functionalities of NetSuite, offering enhanced capabilities tailored for your specific business needs. 
Whether your organization belongs to manufacturing, wholesale distribution, construction, transport & logistics, professional services, non-profits, energy and utilities, financial services, or storage/self-storage, Buddies ProServices is the right solution for you. 

How Buddies ProServices Enhances NetSuite

An ERP Out-Of-Box Cannot Be an Ideal Solution for Any Industry or Business.

An off-the-shelf ERP may not suit every industry or business. With Buddies ProServices you can make your NetSuite personalized, enhancing its capabilities to meet specific business goals. 

Below are the additional features of Buddies ProServices that are built upon NetSuite.

Features NetSuite Buddies Pro
Project Setup
Project Dashboards
Project Center
Project CRM
Project Budgeting
Project Automation
Resource Management
Advanced Project Control & Reporting
Timeline & Baseline Reporting
Project Budget Approval Workflow
Features NetSuite Buddies Pro
Reorder Points
Timed-Phased Plannings
Material Requirements Planning
Automatically Generate Purchase, Transfer & Work Orders
Projections of Historical Data & Sales Forecasts
Time Phased View
Real-time Inventory & Demand Updates
Features NetSuite Buddies Pro
Scheduling and Dispatch
Asset Management
Inventory Management
Reporting and Analytics
On-field Team Management
Booking Management
Features NetSuite Buddies Pro
Asset Tracking
Lease Accounting
Warranties & Insurance
Asset Lifecycle Maintenance & Schedules
Features NetSuite Buddies Pro
Case Management
Warranty & Repair
Record & Track Calls
Repair & Maintenance History
Job Assignment
Features NetSuite Buddies Pro
Assembly Items
Advanced Bill of Materials
Item Management
Location Management
Engineering Change Orders
Document Management
Compliance Management
Supplier Quality Management
Training Records Management
Features NetSuite Buddies Pro
Order to Revenue
Role-Tailored User Experiences
Subscription Management
Customer Billing Portals
Customer Approvals Management
Change Order for AIA Output Capability
Features NetSuite Buddies Pro
HR Administration
Payroll Performance Management
Workforce Management
Workforce Engagement
Workforce Planning
Time & Expense Tracking
Comprehensive Employee Profiles
Accurate Compensation
Features NetSuite Buddies Pro
Work Centers
WIP Tracking
Track Labour Costing
Infinite Capacity Scheduling
Gantt Chart
Real-time Insights
Advance Control
Features NetSuite Buddies Pro
Discrete Manufacturing
Batch Processing
Shop Floor Controls
Transfer Order Management
Manufacturing Mobile
Advance Planning, Tracking, & Product Management
Product Quality Optimization
Features NetSuite Buddies Pro
Lot & Serial Tracing
Serializing Inventory
Size & Color Tracking
Compliance Management
Multi-location Tracking
Zoning and Area & Space Management


Check out how you can leverage the full potential of NetSuite and enjoy a tailored approach that suits your specific industry needs. 

Industry Specific Buddies ProServices Solutions

Understanding that different industries have unique challenges and requirements, Buddies ProServices offers Custom Solutions for NetSuite, tailored to various sectors. From manufacturing and distribution to financial services and non-profits, we’ve crafted our software to ensure optimal performance and business success. 

Buddies ProServices is not just an addition to NetSuite – it’s an enhancement that promises to take your business to new heights. With our cutting-edge solution, you can leverage the full potential of NetSuite and enjoy a tailored approach that suits your specific industry needs.

Why Choose ERP Buddies For Your Custom Solutions Need?

Navigating the vast landscape of ERP solutions can be overwhelming, but at ERP Buddies, we simplify the process for you. Here’s why partnering with us will be the game-changer your business has been waiting for 

  • 50+ Years of Cumulative Subject-level Expertise 
  • Team based in North America, Europe, and Asia 
  • In-house dedicated Developers and Consultant 
  • On-demand ERP Training and Support