Public Services

Every Public Sector industry navigates through the ever-changing landscape of tax regulations, accounting policies and economies among more. In order to succeed in this challenging environment, a thorough business plan and an engaging work culture becomes the need of the hour.

But as your industry progresses, you end up managing employee man-hours, overhead costs while trying to increase the firm’s profitability at all times. In order to allocate time and resources to important matters, your organization needs to establish a proper funnel and resources. NetSuite ERP offers the functionality needed to streamline your business onto one, allowing you to focus on important factors while eliminating various manual work processes.

Over the years, ERP Buddies Inc. has helped various Public Sector industries achieve their goals. With experience in operating and establishing NetSuite Implementations to a diverse array of industries, we are sure that your NetSuite implementation will boom your business to new heights.


  • High reliability

  • Manage operational work processes
  • Increase productivity and visibility across the organization
  • Gain real time insights into important data and metrics alike.

ERP Buddies Inc. specializes in providing a customized ERP solution to all types of organizations.

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