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NetSuite to Salesforce: Integration

Checkout how ERP Buddies setup up an entire gateway point in Salesforce in order to allow Salesforce to accept records from NetSuite, as well as a custom URL and append in NetSuite where data will process in Salesforce, plus much more!

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NetSuite Optimization

A client from the US reached out to ERP Buddies as they were experiencing an unknown delay on every record. The client mentioned that the NetSuite PS and ACS team could not identify or resolve the issue. The Buddies were able to identify an issue with NetSuite’s SuiteBundle, and developed a solution.

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Data Migration

Check out how ERP Buddies migrated data from a parent company to NetSuite. The requirements included discussing Master Data & Transactional Data (historical or open) to identify data to migrate, and maintaining the highest standards of data integrity & validation.

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