A complete solution for your eCommerce needs.

ERP Buddies will fulfill your eCommerce goals by helping you operate & handle your eCommerce & POS requirements with a single platform i.e.: Shopify

Steadfast your commitment to growth
ERP Buddies can help you create your brand with a personal domain. With Shopify’s customizable features, you can also choose how your website looks & feels for you.

Expense Management
Ditch manual expense entry with our inhouse developed Expense management tool which accurately captures billing information from pictures sent in by your users

Close sales
Effectively & efficiently
ERP Buddies ensure your eCommerce is ready to sell around the world. From social media selling, to online markets or even POS! Shopify is capable of all!

Uplift Your Marketing department
Integrate your eCommerce with Google, Facebook, LinkedIn among more & give your marketers the freedom to launch campaigns, track analytics & measure ROI with Shopify’s built in marketing tools

Your entire eCommerce
Reduce complexities & use a single dashboard to show seniorities total purchases, orders, shipping details & payments across your eCommerce. Gain the transparency your business needs with Shopify

Personalized Support
With 24/7 support, ERP Buddies ensure your eCommerce never skips a beat

Limitless integrations
Get the user experience you crave for with Shopify’s 3200 + apps that the Buddies can integrate efficiently with your eCommerce.

Using NetSuite & Shopify? How about their integration?

Shopify makes it easy for your customers with their buying journey. As a front – end software, Shopify will convey you all the information related to your customer & the market, however, to have a better control over your entire business, we recommend a Shopify & NetSuite integration.

The benefits

Let our Experts answer your burning questions about our Shopify Integration