As a small business owner, you need to stay on top of your feet when it comes to organizing your day. Time allotted for completing manual operational process like: payroll, inventory must be eliminated to allow yourself to identify new growth opportunities, remove roadblocks etc.

We have witnessed a lot of small business owners still use or rely on an outdated ERP solution which fail to meet the need of the rising company. Therefore in order to stay at the top, a NetSuite Implementation comes to your rescue.

An ERP software like NetSuite offers tremendous customization capabilities which help tackle many challenges faced by Small Business owners. NetSuite provides you with a full view of your organization and its work processes while also helping you manage and automate operational processes like creating invoices, managing payroll and so on…

Since an ERP software is capable of creating extra hours for your organization, it is recommended for small business to be onboard with an ERP solution right away.

So you could actually focus on your business.


  • Streamline various departments and gain a 360 degree view of all operations and updates

  • Customize the ERP system as per business needs.

  • Automation of operational processes

  • Accessibility through any place from varied devices.

  • Secure and safe access to confidential information.

ERP Buddies Inc. specializes in providing a customized ERP solution to all types of organizations.

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