What is SuiteBaby

SuiteBaby is a custom-built NetSuite business management solution for the Infant and Early Motherhood products distribution industry developed by ERP Buddies. It offers a modern approach to workflows across all departments. This end-to-end software solution will create a seamless omnichannel experience across accounting, financials, CRM, inventory management, and order management along with instore, point-of-sale, eCommerce shopping. SuiteBaby will nurture your business objectives such as a mother would nurture their newborn baby.

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Key Features – SuiteBaby Infant & Early Motherhood Product Distribution

Inventory Management

Improve inventory accuracy by phasing out manual tracking. SuiteBaby offers the latest tools for inventory management. This makes it easy to track inventory in real-time across multiple locations, such as products on-hand. Users can also benefit from creating reorder points. Reorder points help keep the product always in stock, therefore, the product gets ordered automatically when there is a minimum product quantity.

Warehouse Management System

  • Optimize day-to-day warehouse activities through SuiteBaby WMS’ unique functions such as barcode scanning, picking, packing, shipping, and put away procedures, shipping carrier integration, cycle count plans, return authorization and more.
  • When a warehouse is overwhelmed with inventory, it can quickly become inefficient if spreadsheets are heavily used. SuiteBaby’s WMS eliminates these types of errors, which in return will reduce handling costs and improve consistency.

Order Management & Fulfillment:

SuiteBaby can streamline your entire procurement process, simplify item tracking, manage drop shipments, replenishment etc. for prompt order fulfillment. It also makes it possible to optimize the fulfillment process across all locations, from warehouses, stores, vendors and suppliers. Based on the proximity or product availability, SuiteBaby can also determine the best shipping location, ensuring consistency in flows

Accounting and Financials

With integrated functions of accounting and finance management, SuiteBaby reduces redundant spreadsheets while automating processes. You can keep an eye on the “baby” with the support of real-time financial information and personalized dashboards. SuiteBaby also offers the reassurance of maintaining compliance with accounting standards, local and regional, thanks to its revenue management functionality.


  • Cash Management
  • Accounts Receivable /Accounts Payable
  • Tax Management and more!

Business Intelligence with SuiteAnalytics

Obtaining analytical data in one location is a necessity for businesses. It’s important to collect information in order to help business owners when making critical business solutions. Data is automatically analyzed and collected, then displayed on customized dashboards in real-time. This effectively spot trends in operations and reports it in end of day reports. There are also reports of key performance indicators (KPI) that help to break down results of data over time. SuiteBaby can provide key information for more than 75 KPIs to provide key information which includes revenue trends, sales pipeline trends and actual vs budget comparisons. Users also have the option to create custom KPIs.

NetSuite OneWorld

NetSuite OneWorld is a unified global business platform for international organizations that manage operations in multiple nations and subsidiary’s. NetSuite OneWorld helps these businesses streamline their multi subsidiary operations by providing real-time visibility at local, regional and head office levels. Standard business processes can be deployed across divisions with a simple click of a button. Users can transact in multiple regions, across multiple currencies and languages. In addition, NetSuite OneWorld ensures complete compliance in any region that the business is operating.


SuiteCommerce unifies eCommerce with a company’s back-end business, thus enabling businesses to have one integrated solution to manage their commerce business. SuiteCommerce enables businesses to integrate with inventory while also providing real-time access to data. Customers are able to gain access through a self-service portal where they can view past orders, order status and deliver ETA , in addition they can also initiate customer service requests and order returns for easy product return


SuiteSuccess is a method of NetSuite implementation that utilizes a phased methodology, allowing customers to quickly meet business needs and specific-industry functionalities and reports. Due to NetSuite’s flexibility and scalability, customers can build on the solution as their business grows. SuiteSuccess has a main differentiating factor, which is its ability to have your business up and running within 100 days. The purpose of SuiteSuccess is to have the NetSuite system go live as quickly as possible with the option to add specific customizations at a later point as needed.

Key Benefits of Implementing SuiteBaby

Real-time Reporting

  • Real-time reporting allows users to have insights in real-time. One can benefit from easy generation of detailed reports such as inventory on-hand and inventory in-transit. This information can be used to make changes to pricing models or profit comparisons

User Friendly Interface

  • SuiteBaby has ease of personalization. Customizations of dashboards, where users can utilize user-friendly buttons and enjoy easy navigation when coordinating projects. Along with easy navigation, streamlining processes across the database and collaborating with other departments ensures everyone across the board is looped in with consistent data becomes second nature with this cloud-based solution

Customizable Dashboards

  • Employees of the company can access a customizable dashboard that displays data in real-time and can be monitored easily. Customize your dashboard to include data such as key performance indicators (KPI), saved searches for rapid collection of information and creation of reports and more. SuiteBaby has infinite dashboard customizations that can be altered as goals change or/and as the company scales.

One System

  • One System that completes distribution lifecycle management. SuiteBaby can manage end-to-end lifecycle of a business’s processes all on one platform. From order to shipping to billing, experience a holistic business management software with SuiteBaby for your Infant, Early Motherhood and Nursing Products Distribution business.

ERP Buddies 24/7 Support

  • ERP Buddies is confident in providing optimal product knowledge to new users, where they will feel self-assured in navigating the software. ERP Buddies has dedicated support teams that are available 24/7 to resolve any concerns that may arise.

Check out SuiteBaby Product Demo in Action