A customizable Solar ERP software

An exclusive NetSuite ERP solution for Solar Installers & Distributors in Canada.

Take control over Hard & Soft Costs

The Solar Installation and Distribution industry continues to deal with an ever-changing landscape across Industrial, Commercial and Residential platforms.

To efficiently target the challenges faced by the Solar industry, ERP Buddies introduces SuiteSolar, a fully customizable and scalable NetSuite ERP software.

SuiteSolar enables businesses to create a system that meets their needs through all stages of growth.

Equipped with customizable dashboards, reports & KPI’s, SuiteSolar’s innate functionality gives businesses the ability to streamline and mange departments like Finances, Accounting, Sales, Warehouse management and more while simultaneously monitoring employee productivity for greater results.

SuiteSolar Features

The inevitable ever-changing landscape of the Solar Industry requires Solar installers and Distributers to seek efficient solutions that accelerate operations while preparing for growth opportunities. SuiteSolar provides the unique solution designed to target pain points, ultimately accelerating productivity.

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