SuiteSpaces Self-storage software General FAQs

A self-storage management software is generally used by the individuals that work within the self-storage facility, storage spaces etc. It is also used by both single and multi-property managers as it allows them to have a complete overview of their facility with interactive colour-coded facility maps. Users can also take e-signatures from customers/tenants to eliminate paperwork and to automate the process
Tasks such as tracking leads, recording phone calls, managing CRM (customer relationship management) efforts, handling companywide accounting, renting available units, getting rental payments, generating specific reports and more.

ERP Buddies developed the SuiteSpaces ERP solution by keeping the problems of the Storage facility in mind. SuiteSpaces consists of user-friendly features that are made to simplify the complex procedures. Some of them include –

  • Easy user experience with the ability to perform almost every task right from the SuiteSpaces dashboard with just a few clicks!
  • Setup custom notification triggers that notify whenever a specific action is performed or must be performed.
  • Track incoming leads via incoming calls, inquiries, and emails.
  • SuiteSpaces consists of a fully functional CRM module that allows users to edit customer status, add notes, provide special discounts and more.
  • Determine rates for vacant and rented units for best profit management
  • Limitless 3rd party integrations

ERP Buddies SuiteSpaces solution offers a wide variety of features that are not part of any standard age-old management systems which are often being used within the storage industry. Features such as CRM, lead management, integrated accounting, marketing etc. are part of the SuiteSpaces solution which make it convenient and modern.
ERP Buddies works with you to transfer all your data into SuiteSpaces making the switch a lot easier. This ensures you have all the data in your new system and allows you to cut down costs on redundant systems.

Getting started with SuiteSpaces is easy! Just contact us at or call us at +1 905-367-7426. You can also schedule a product demo by visiting our contact us page here

SuiteSpaces is a cloud-based technology which means that it is hosted completely on the web browser. This eliminates the need to maintain costly on-premise hardware and IT maintenance costs. A cloud-based management system also increases employee accessibility and productivity as they can work from anywhere, anytime.

Yes! SuiteSpaces can accommodate multiple customizations to employee roles and permissions. You can always give managers a higher access that allows them to overlook employee productivity, generate reports, notify team members and more, whereas you can provide your employees with standard access to complete their respective tasks. The possibilities are limitless!

SuiteSpaces self-storage management solution sports a wide array of tenant tracking capabilities. Some of them include – Tacking every phone call, tracking payment history, creating custom notes to handle a customer’s unique requirement and more.
Users can also download reports that will showcase an in-depth report about the customer with information like – Move in date, renting duration, additional discounts etc.

Whenever someone calls, a window will appear on the dashboard that will allow you to input lead details such as customer name, email address, phone number etc. This information can be accessed and edited at any point of time. Users can also attach personal notes to customer profiles to close the sale more efficiently.

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SuiteSpaces Accessibility FAQs

As SuiteSpaces solution is completely cloud-based, it can be accessed via any internet browser. Every user will get a unique login and password. Your SuiteSpaces account is also accessible via mobile devices (Android/Apple), Desktops and even laptops.

No! There is no need to download any software or install any hardware as SuiteSpaces operates entirely on the cloud. Users can just log into their NetSuite account to get started.

As SuiteSpaces operates on the cloud, it is necessary to have an internet connection to access your files and other important information. If at all your company experiences an internet outage, all your files and data will be kept secured. If your users were in the middle of an important task, you can always contact us at ( or call us at +1 (888) 304 – 0599 and our Experts will carry out the task for you.

As a backup, customers can continue using NetSuite with their 4G connection via any mobile device’s hotspot. Alternatively, customers can also make use of the NetSuite application which is available on PlayStore and Apple store.

Your data is always preserved on our servers and is available to download or view on a 24/7 basis with a proper internet connection. Should your internet connection die down or your laptop may run out of battery, your data will always be preserved securely.

Yes! SuiteSpaces self-storage management software can perfectly run on multiple computers, mobiles and even laptops! As SuiteSpaces operates on the cloud, every action happens in real-time which updates information across the company.

Example – An Accounting manager can run his daily reports in his account, whereas a facility manager can be using SuiteSpaces to accommodate new lead requests in the system!

Yes, NetSuite releases 2 new updates every year. Depending on the gravity of the new changes, they will be automatically updated onto your SuiteSpaces account after testing it with existing procedures in place. This ensure that the new updates do not interfere with your existing workflows.

SuiteSpaces modern functionality can support a single user to upwards of 1000+ users alike.

The bifurcation of number of users that can be opted for is listed below –

1 user – Small Business Version

1 – 10 users – Limited Version

11 – 1,000 users – Mid – Marketing Version

1,001 + users – Enterprise Version

Each individual user can be given specific roles and permissions. Example – a manager will have more access and permissions than a standard user who will only be responsible for certain tasks.

SuiteSpaces Data Security & Authenticity Provisions FAQs

ERP Buddies experts will assist you in transferring historical data onto your SuiteSpaces account. The data that will be transferred will be cross checked, confirmed and validated by one of the subject matter experts. Once the data migration is complete, the SME (subject matter experts) will validate all the data again before the final sign off.

Take a quick glance into the few items (data, not limited to) that can be imported into your SuiteSpaces account during the data migration process.

  • List Item
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Products
  • Campaigns
  • Contracts
  • Notes
  • Attachments
  • Tasks
  • Events or Activities (meetings, phone calls, etc.)

All the stored data is encrypted with an SSL certification. NetSuite manages its data at 8 of its secure data center locations across the US, UK and Europe.


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