Switching ERP Systems

Switching an ERP System from your company’s Eco-system is a daunting task as it requires tremendous planning and participation from all employees. As time passes by, you might end up noticing that your ERP system is not functioning to the mark you would expect it to be. Employees might have issues updating new information, or simply the ERP system needs to be updated with new functionalities.
Sometimes, the process in itself can cause an issue with the current ERP system. If an ERP system expects things to be done in an order of 1-2-3-4, employees have to adhere to that way of action. Mapping out the employee journey is a crucial aspect which helps in determining any possible loopholes which can be eliminated with a new/updated ERP system. Following are some factors to watch out for to avoid mishap and ensure a smooth transition onto a new/updated ERP system.

ERP Buddies Inc. has outlined a few more important considerations that will help for a successful implementation with a new ERP system.
Employee Participation For New/Updated ERP System
Every organization has its own way of doing things. When new things come into way, employees tend to resist it, as its easier to favor the old processes. Therefore, introducing new change becomes a crucial backbone of every company.

Some things, that can help with the resistance are: providing notice to employees about the upcoming change.
– Highlight the importance and benefits of the change.
– Include every department into the thought process, to understand their views and to maintain data integrity.
– Offer employees to test the software and provide on-going training to employees

Switching To The Right ERP System For Your Brand.

ERP systems are highly customizable. Every ERP system tends to be different from one another as every business operates differently with varied KPI’s

An example can be about a manufacturing firm which would require its ERP system to track inventory, packaging, shipping and so on…
Other businesses may or may not require such functionalities at all. Due to the flexibility of an ERP system, companies can choose the type of functions to be added and save money on vice-versa.

Therefore it becomes easier train employees as they only need to learn the necessities.

Managing Your ERP System Is A Long Game!

Choosing the right ERP System is an on-going process which can be improved and modified as your company grows.
Therefore, its always suggested to partner with Cloud Solutions Partners who will assist with any technical know-how that’s needs to be answered.

ERP Buddies Inc. has a team full of Expert Consultants specializing in understanding the needs of our Clients and their industries to provide the best solution within the budget.

Even after the Go-live stage, ERP Buddies Inc. provides Training service to help on-boarding employees to the new ERP System. Our Support service provides bug-fixes and optimizations to ensure that the system works in the manner its supposed to.

Feel Free to drop in a message, or checkout our Free Assessment to let our Expert Consultants take a close look at your business to recommend the best ERP Solution for your business.