Reports have stated that the United Kingdom is one of the countries of the G7 that seem to be falling behind when it comes to manufacturing productivity. You can probably assume that this is due to Brexit which then has been followed by the COVID-19 pandemic. A significant hit to the industry in its struggle to modernize and increase productivity. You could say that the crisis’ mentioned have acted as a catalyst for business owners. It caused some pressure, where they have begun to look for cloud business solutions to unlock growth opportunities, eliminate inefficiencies and increase automation. NetSuite Cloud ERP offers a solution that allows companies to transition to cloud computing. NetSuite Cloud has already allowed many businesses in the UK to gain data and insights needed to make strategic business decisions with mobility access, increased visibility and business intelligence capabilities to optimize your operations. Having these opportunities is critical during a time of unforeseen events.

Using Mobility Access to Modernized Operations

Cloud computing for businesses has allowed organizations to modernize their business operations in a cloud environment with NetSuite. Mobile devices and having that access when on the job site, is one of the key solutions that will increase productivity for UK manufacturers. With single entry during the process, and with appropriate checks and balances it prevents errors from being inputted, mobility access can accommodate many users and multiple jobs per user. 

In the case a user is using a mobile device connected to the ERP system, the production manager can then begin a new project on a work order, report production quantity and even be able to end the order directly from accessing the ERP from a mobile device.

Business Intelligence Capabilities that Allow for Better Decision Making

Companies benefiting from cloud computing are gaining insights and analytics that allow for their operations to be seamless and modernized. Automation being one feature eliminates the traditional process of filling forms then handing it down to another employee who will manually enter the data, this has the potential to lead to error and duplicate entries. Cloud-based ERPs are the innovation all managers dream of, they easily integrate with other operations resulting in smooth operations. 

Data extraction when systems can connect data and user activity can present business analytics. Administrators and managers can analyze data to make critical business decisions, by introducing real-time graphics and reports during meetings, this information is available without waiting on system updates that occur periodically. The level of access to data becomes higher.

Accessibility to data insights increase, business intelligence capabilities are transparent, therefore, higher in comparison to traditional systems

Some other business intelligence capabilities include:

  • Financials and accounting
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Inventory management
  • Order management
  • Supply chain management

Increased Visibility Allows an Increase of Control and Efficiency

Increased visibility with a cloud computing service such as NetSuite can permit production managers to view business information in real-time visibility, from anywhere on any device. Real-time visibility of production via. mobile devices allow managers to review data entered during production rather than being on-site supervising the process. This allows for control of inventory and financial updates ensuring that employees across departments are working with the same data and are avoiding discrepancies.

Cloud components improve site visibility through dashboards reporting in real-time. Business owners get a consistent user experience with improved control when inventory and financial reports.

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