We at ERP Buddies always admire the values and attitude that the construction industry brings to the table. They have a no-fear attitude when handling their project tasks and the confidence to move forward with every type of project, no matter what happens in their journey.

The amount of experience we bring in assisting several projects for the construction industry has made us compile a unique set of requirements for an ERP system to suit construction companies with NetSuite Cloud ERP.

Unique Requirements for a Construction Business 

Construction companies’ requirements are almost nothing similar to other kinds of businesses, which distinguishes them in their initial stages of generating cost estimates and other project expenses like labour and materials cost evaluation. Further which, it is converted into a quote or contract document, providing complete visibility in terms of cost estimating. Once the project expenses and approval cycles are complete, the materials are purchased, and the labour is sourced.

Apart from this, project managers are also accountable for real-time collaboration with corporate executives, or with the ones on the project sites depending on the organization’s size. Other job responsibilities include tracking accurate Job Cost estimates, communicating the financial metrics to clients, problem resolution, change order creation and making decisions about absorbing additional costs.

Performing Quality Control checks, AIA Invoicing and a schedule of values to send to clients are part of their needs as well. Finally, all of this is sent to the Accounting department, and at this stage, it can be defined as the job done as per the construction industry. The path throughout this journey is laid with complex task levels and regular updates.

How Construction Companies with NetSuite Transform their Daily Work Functions 

Choosing NetSuite vs. Award-Winning Business Solution for Construction Industry

Custom applications built explicitly for the Construction Industry have receded from the present era of limitless scalability which is, however, present in the #1 Cloud ERP system – NetSuite. This Business Management Software offers construction-specific modules like Accounting services and promotes seamless integration capabilities within their software and other construction business apps.

Find below other reasons why NetSuite can be your ideal business management solution to meet your business requirements.

Smaller Companies Might Take Frequent Rain checks  

Choosing to invest in smaller construction specialty software may at times turn into tragedy and end up as a failure or not a successful project that you agreed to. On the other hand, NetSuite comes to you with great financial health in terms of research and development funding needs.

ERP Buddies guarantees to stay even after you partner with us, and provide support services when needed.

Specialty Products Might Not Adapt to Scalability 

For construction firms subcontracting 100 or fewer employees, a small application may be enough. A well-established ERP package such as NetSuite can serve as an epicentre to keep all the data in sync as your business scales, which requires more front-runner integrations.

Customization can be a Delicate Area for Construction Specialty Products

You need to be aware that construction-specific builds can be challenging to customize. If you follow their instructions, you might possibly hit a rough spot. But NetSuite can construct customized modules for any needs you may have.

Comprehensible and Intuitive Software

Changing market conditions often force construction companies to make adjustments. It is common for construction companies to scale up when a project level is huge, and scale down when the labour is light. In other words, you’re constantly getting new people into your office, so you need software that is user-friendly and manageable.

Construction can be a complicated industry to handle, but automated solutions can make it less complex and help solve some problems easily. For example, you could track all purchasing data for accounting or assign service tickets so workers can input the materials and time. Manually doing these types of activities isn’t necessary since NetSuite already solves these problems. As an architect or designer, you can expand your capabilities by taking advantage of the technology that’s available and assisting more clients.

We can help if you have questions about whether you should choose construction-specific software or stick with a trusted ERP system like NetSuite. As your software consultant and NetSuite Solution Provider, we will assist you in determining what you require, then select the modules that best fit your needs.

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