NetSuite ERP for New or Small Businesses

Opting NetSuite ERP for New or Small Businesses is one of the best decisions an organization can undertake. However, often small businesses or new look up to an ERP system as something that can be avoided to minimize complications. But NetSuite ERP for Small businesses does something far greater! Within this blog, ERP Buddies would like to voice our opinion to why NetSuite ERP for Small Businesses can be a boon.

What is an ERP system?

Is an ERP system really viable? What is an ERP system, and do I really need it? These might be some questions that pop in your head when you hear the words “ERP system”. Every department, be it Sales, Accounting or Marketing operates using a system that they are most comfortable with. This often leads to the use of multiple business management software’s, big rows of spreadsheets and inaccuracy that affects your company’s data integrity. Using multiple business management systems is not a solution, but a problem in 2020. In order to keep up with the changing times, your organizations need to adopt an ERP system that streamlines your business departments and grows along with it in the long run.

So, let’s go in-depth and understand the true essence of “What is ERP system?”

NetSuite ERP for small businesses

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is your organization’s single all-round solution that keeps your entire business in synergy with each department. Improving internal visibility & making data-driven decisions are some of the crucial factors for investing in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system like NetSuite ERP essentially solves these issues with its unique customizable Project Management tools, improving staff accountability, predicting risks etc. which ultimately helps for the company to grow. With an ERP system, you also cut down costs on managing multiple systems as an ERP system is capable of managing all business functions from a single system in itself.

ERP Buddies is an NetSuite Implementation partner with experience in implementing NetSuite for wide array of industries

NetSuite ERP: The best ERP?

Currently, NetSuite ERP is regarded as the best ERP out there. Operated by more than 20,000 + customers across 200 + countries, NetSuite ERP unarguably becomes the #1 Cloud ERP businesses opt for when they are looking for a business management solution encompassing Finances, e-Commerce, Customer relations, Supply chain and more.

As times change and work from home becomes more prominent, the need to operate from the cloud becomes necessary. NetSuite ERP operates fully from the cloud, giving your employees access to company data anytime, anywhere, so your team can focus on actual growth rather than managing data. Due to this, companies tend to reduce their IT spending’s significantly as they operate from a single ERP, that is NetSuite ERP.

NetSuite ERP is equipped with limitless customizable features, so your company can essentially develop a system based on its needs & goals. These are just some of the features that make NetSuite ERP, the best ERP out there.

Here are some signs that suggest your organization needs the best ERP aka NetSuite ERP

Current management system won’t expand

If your business is booming but you do not have a clear image of which department need expansion, then it’s a vital sign that your business needs NetSuite ERP. Business owners must know where the profits are coming from so the processes can be mended in a way to churn more profits. With NetSuite ERP, this becomes a possibility as it can be customized to fit your expansion needs.

Little to no control

If your business still operates on manual processes in 2020, you automatically become prone to inaccuracies, duplicate data and so on… A single solution like NetSuite will ensure that your data integrity remains at an all-time high.

Presenting reports/analytics takes time and seems like a burden

When you operate on old systems, you do not get a full view of your company, leading to a lack of visibility and accountability which affect decision making. With NetSuite ERP’s intelligent real-time business reporting and analytics, you get access to up to date reporting functions that will help increase visibility into areas of improvement.

Stay on top of business demand

As your business grows, you’ll find yourself in between increased customer orders, billing, distribution and more… In order to keep up with this demand, you need an intelligent system like NetSuite which can forecast customer demand and help save money on Inventory / Distribution.

Eliminate IT maintenance costs

Using multiple management systems lead to an increase in IT maintenance and upkeep costs. Our NetSuite Support program offers 24/7 case resolution with on-site / on-call assistance anytime, anywhere. So, you can focus on matters that help close deals and improve business functions.

NetSuite Implementation partner

Your competitor is probably among the vast number of businesses that have already availed NetSuite to meet their rising needs. Being a NetSuite Implementation partner, we assure our customers that you would be at the centre of all things.

Our 24/7 Onsite & On-call service ensures your business is up & running at full efficiency all the time. We have helped countless businesses, from SOHO to moderate to big-name Enterprises harness their true potential with the Implementation of NetSuite ERP. No matter how complex your business processes look or the amount manpower you have, ERP Buddies team will provide a meticulous NetSuite Implementation Solution that will effectively improve your efficiency by ten folds!

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