Being in a services-based organization, recruitment programs can serve as both a challenge and a pivotal aspect even for the experienced project and resource managers. Garnering the right fit to make a project successful becomes complicated since situations may shift abruptly even against careful management strategies but resource management with NetSuite doesn’t have to be that way.

The basic level of resource management technique for program managers is to take full consideration of the resource requirement and skill sets for the upcoming project. From finding the location of resource allocation, reviewing their leisure activities and expertise, to determining their hourly pay and availability. If this foundation is not laid beforehand it may lead to overburdening or under resource utilization, which could exhaust the workforce and downscale turnovers.

Cultivate effective resource management practices and achieve profitability sooner with Professional Services Automation solutions (PSA). A PSA solution can increase billable utilization by 86% and ensure project delivery on time by 94%, according to SPI Research. Among organizations without a PSA solution, just 54% of billable resources are utilized and have a project delivery rate of 48%.

Poor resource management weaves a network of inadequacies that undermines the steadiness and project progress of an organizational workflow. It can knock down the complete project visibility from every operation department to planning and delivery.

4 Project Resource Management challenges that NetSuite Professional Services Automation can overcome

Receptive Resource Mapping

Designating the right resource for the right project activity is critical to leading a staffing project to fruition. In case the project manager does not map the appropriate skill sets to the individual tasks and decide the resource availability it would result in a mix-up of the booking type and ineffective future projects. At times, you may be forced to rebook resources at the last minute or after if a resource assigned to a project has scheduled a time off doesn’t appear during a critical phase. As a result, project tasks can be delayed, billing rates may be revised, possibly leaving customers unhappy.

Centralized Resource Management for extensive reporting capabilities

To optimize complex project resource management one needs complete visibility like the accuracy of data, making it extensively available and holding the latest status updates. If the entire project updates are expressed verbally instead of a real-time project timeline, it would deviate the project scope and lead to purposeless administrative tasks for project managers. A resource handoff without real-time updates can affect the transition of resources, for example, one phase of the project task completes before a deadline. Using spreadsheets and different applications might not produce a precise status update which leads to time consumption and inaccurate information. It’s easy to neglect disconnected applications since it’s not centralized and systematic. In that case, if stakeholders and resources cannot view the status updates and receive alerts, businesses witness project delays and budget issues.

Robust Utilization Reporting

Every resource cannot be utilized in the same way. You risk over-or underutilization of resources when the project management and resource allocation decisions are made manually. Occasionally, these imbalances can lead to catastrophic failures. It is dangerous for the project’s success if project managers do not examine the workload taken by the resources. For instance, if a project has been poorly planned, a resource may have to work longer than the hours stated in the contract. Such non-billable hours cuts your profit margin. Resource management is often the highest cost component of a project. The amount of hours an organization can charge a resource depends on how long they spend on non-revenue-generating activities, including calls which in turn reduces the number of billable hours. Business leaders can maximize the utilization of their resources through automation and monitoring tools.

In-Depth visibility

Overusing resource utilization is often attributed to the fact that project and resource managers fail to understand how their project is progressing. The manager needs to see the resource skill level and bookings at the onset of the project, and they continue calculating profit margins and utilization rates as the project progresses. Unless your utilization reports and forecasts are tied to the data being tracked in your core project management solution, you could be missing key elements which lead to potential issues.

NetSuite Services Resource Planning with OpenAir PSA solution

When a PSA (Professional Service Automation) solution is utilized by project managers to track their comprehensive resource management system they can adopt a proactive approach when allocations for projects are more rightly fitting. With respect to skills profiles, expertise and availability altogether. Similarly, businesses can also forecast bookings so that projects are adequately staffed. By incorporating the PSA solution the project team can automate workflows to track resources, time and actual project expenses. It can also foster collaboration, customer satisfaction, and on-time project delivery which is also profitable at the same time.

Through NetSuite OpenAir’s PSA solution, you can optimize staffing and efficiency by selecting the right resources for the right projects and fine-tuning your pool of resources. Resource management in NetSuite OpenAir enables you to get a better understanding of all angles in project resources and improve utilization, along with deploying and managing bookings based on employee expertise and availability.

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Service organizations have achieved interactive reports and improved their timeline and get through their project target dates in a timely manner. With ERP Buddies, service organizations were able to meet their project resource management requirements as they now have more control in seeking resources by implementing the NetSuite OpenAir solution.

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