Distributors of all sizes are facing new challenges every day as the customer demands keep rising which affects optimal inventory management.

If Distributors want to thrive in this ever-changing landscape, they must adapt modern cloud-ERP solutions. A cloud ERP solution like Acumatica essentially streamlines your entire business while moving it entirely on the cloud for improved accessibility and increased worked efficiency. 

Below, ERP Buddies will be outlining some key factors that make Acumatica a viable choice for Wholesale Distributors. 

What’s so special about Acumatica ERP for Wholesale Distributors

The Wholesale Distribution industry is going under a paradigm shift and the technology that a company uses would become the deciding factor between you and your competitor both in a negative or a positive aspect. 

At its core, Acumatica integrates multiple business departments while providing a streamlined work experience. However, modern Distributors recognize that Acumatica provides an all-inclusive solution that spans across eCommerce, CRM, Inventory Planning, Shipping etc.

–      Inventory Planning 

Acumatica’s innate inventory planning module is designed specifically to provide users with accurate information to predict product demand based on past historical data and sales reports. This allows for better inventory stocking for accurate demand planning.  


–      eCommerce 

Acumatica can provide Wholesale Distributors with a fully functional eCommerce website to cater to the omnichannel needs of the customer. With Acumatica’s self-service portals, customers can easily log in and get access to important files and information like past balances, order status, delivery, due date, received payments and more. Acumatica also provides a powerful and secure document sharing handle which eliminates the need for outside webpages to be used for crucial document exchange. 

–      Mobile

A modern ERP solution like Acumatica comes equipped with a fully integrable mobile functionality which makes it convenient for employees to work from anytime, anywhere. With Acumatica’s mobile application, employees can track expenses, manage claims and access important files as needed, ultimately making your team and company truly mobile + cloud-based. 

–      Distribution Pricing

Wholesale Distributors have to deal with multiple prices as they are based on total ordered quantity, completion date, special discounts etc. As these prices keep changing as per every order, distributors, therefore, demand software that can easily manage the complex pricing structure of the business. Acumatica’s Distribution solution comes equipped with a robust pricing algorithm making it easy to create customer-specific prices and quotes for small/mid-size businesses or enterprises alike. 

Acumatica ERP for Wholesale Distributors

–      Shipping 

Improve shipping experience and accuracy with Acumatica by cross-referencing with multiple item identifications by individual suppliers and your business system. With Acumatica, Distributors can integrate with their Shipping providers, allowing customers to access their shipping and product delivery information in real-time. 

–      Business Intelligence, Analytics & Reporting 

Easy access to Business intelligence reports and analytics is crucial to understand the strengths/weaknesses of your business. Acumatica ERP provides a centralized database that serves as a single source of truth within the entire business. Employees can quickly create reports, visual charts and graphs to understand key focus areas, trends, demand and more. Acumatica’s Business Intelligence also allows employees to quickly import data from excel or CSV sheets across multiple integrated platforms to further improve the reporting capabilities. 


Acumatica offers key functionality for the Wholesale Distribution industry. 

As Acumatica offers such a wide suite of features, it always becomes the go-to choice for Distributors who are looking to unlock unprecedented growth in their company. 

At ERP Buddies, our Experts have had tremendous experience in helping various Whole Distributors meet their goals with our modern Cloud ERP solutions. If you’re a wholesale distributor looking to optimize its company operations, contact us and our experts will walk you through the entire process. 

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