Using SuiteSpaces ERP to Improve the Self-storage Businesses

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The self-storage industry is a booming industry, its expansion is drawing the eyes of many. Investors have begun exploring the self-storage industry as an opportunity for investment due to the ease of maintenance, and room to expand & grow in the industry. While this is a mature industry, in the last few years, self-storage has experienced growth leading it to adapt to new landscapes and take onto new technologies.

Throughout the years, self-storage facility operators have been using legacy software to run their business, but now that a cloud-based software solution has introduced innovations and technologies, users can benefit from integrated operations. This can tie their financial, administrative, inventory, customer relationship management, and accounting operations all in one platform!

Now how is technology helping these businesses innovate? To be specific enterprise resource planning systems, such as NetSuite elevate businesses processes with the support of more consistency, through a complete view of operations in real-time, daily reportings, storage unit inventory management, and more! Facility owners will see a streamlined management approach of their self-storage business for both small, midsize property owners and even larger scale businesses.
SuiteSpaces, the only ERP solution for the self-storage sector, developed by ERP Buddies, can now cater to the real-estate markets, and self-storage industry offering a much-needed storage tool to operate day operation in this digitalized world.

Benefits Introduced by SuiteSpaces for the Self-storage Industry

Customer Service

Due to the compatibility of NetSuite, handheld devices such as tablets, smartphones, etc., through a simple NetSuite application download users can access needed information from anywhere at any time. NetSuite allows tenants to have complete access to make rental payments through credit, view documents, check storage space, insurance status, and more! This even applies to customer service, where if customers would like to rent additional self-storage units, they can do so online, by providing electronic signature confirmations. Files can be created for unlimited tenants. This helps the customer avoid in-store processes. During the in-store experience, customers are always the priority, this means that to improve the experience further, SuiteSpaces can be utilized on smart tablets. This allows customers to log-in in a self-service manner for more convenience and fewer wait times.

Facility Personnel

Also applicable to facility managers and employees, SuiteSpaces solution can allow employees to work from anywhere, anytime, and check-in to their daily operation as needed. Due to SuiteSpaces being a fully cloud-based self-storage businesses management system it can offer flexibility to employees with the benefit of real-time information at their fingertips.


The self-storage operations can benefit a great deal from SuiteSpaces, it comes with the convenience of not just easy accessibility but also integration capabilities. SuiteSpaces allows users to fully integrate any third-party software, applications, and websites. Due to its cloud-computing ability, integrating, an existing company-wide accounting or CRM system is no problem. These integrations will keep operations in sync providing a seamless experience throughout the entire self-storage facility.

The Benefits

Our client’s successful NetSuite customization project ensures that their business is operating in a healthy and efficient state. They can now utilize the customizations and automation implemented to decrease manual processes and have the ability to focus on other pressing tasks. Now with the manual process of tracking commission automated via NetSuite, the company saves on average 4 days each month all due to process automation. These types of automation track purchase dates and sold dates of inventory and products.

Prioritized Tasks

Couple Packing Boxes in Storage Unit
SuiteSpaces features the ability to allow facility managers to create scheduled task lists such as storage unit maintenance, follow-up with prospective customers, and more! It notifies facility managers on their centralized dashboards when certain tasks are not complete within a specific timeline. In addition to creating prioritized lists, managers are also updated every step of the way.

Facility Maps and Unit Information

Facility maps and unit information, for the convenience of facility personnel. Facility workers must know their ways around the units for inspections, maintenance, and customer service. SuiteSpaces can showcase information to workers with interactive maps showcasing data such as the total size of the storage facility, price of a unit, tenant name, date of the agreement, and more on its central dashboard. These facility maps are fully integrable with SuiteSpaces.

SuiteSpaces for Real Estate Management

As mentioned earlier, investors have taken an interest in the self-storage sector. Specifically, real estate investors and property management companies have acknowledged the industry’s potential. Real estate managers may use SuiteSpaces’s all-in-one self-storage management software, an affordable cloud-based property management solution with tools to help manage self-storage spaces. This storage property management solution offers tools such as:
For years facility managers and real estate managers, have been relying on some sort of management software, but now that SuiteSpaces has introduced a cloud-based self-storage solution, it has changed the game. Customer service is improved, along with the management of storage units and client management which results in quality service. From single & multi-store operations management, SuiteSpaces advanced capabilities have built-in accounting, a centralized dashboard, automation of payments from tenants, and more! The updated data on every aspect of the business, support the automation of routine tasks, saving time and costs. This makes SuiteSpaces, a scalable favorite and can turn business owners into the ultimate self-storage pro!