Wholesale Distribution

In order to succeed in the wholesale distribution business, a unified core system becomes the need of the hour. Having an interconnected chain of CRM, retail, inventory, shipping and other process helps maintain a competitive edge among your competitors. In order to establish a single cloud – based ERP suite, Oracle | NetSuite comes to the rescue. With a single platform handling and connecting your data, your business can avail NetSuite and see an improvement in efficiency within multiple workflows.

ERP Buddies Inc. provides wholesale distributors with a unified system to optimize their business processes through implementation, customization and integration. With years of expertise and top-class product knowledge, our team is capable to provide solutions with precision, ease while being cost efficient.

Key Benefits

  • Gain the needed flexibility

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Customer retention

  • Increased margins
  • Revenue Growth acceleration
  • Improve Marketing success

  • Rise in employee productivity

  • User adoption enablement


  • Feature rich design

  • Distributor friendly

  • Inventory fulfillment

  • On point order processing

  • Unified receiving system

  • UPS & FedEx integrations

  • Product return management

  • Self service centers for Vendors

Lead to Quote Solutions

  • Manage leads and pursue them with better Marketing

  • Single customer experience provides a single source of data

  • Manage leads

  • Pre built KPI’s, saved searches and dashboards of staff activities

Actionable Business Insights + 50% to 80%
Gross Margin Performance + 1% to 5%
Revenue Performance + 2% to 10%
Inventory Costs -20% to 30%
Obsolete Inventory Carrying Costs -20% to 40%
Customer Backorders -60% to 80%
IT Resource Costs -50% to 75%
Disaster Recovery Costs -50% to 75%

ERP Buddies Inc. is a Oracle | NetSuite Solution Provider & would love to assist you with any questions you have.

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