Why businesses choose NetSuite’s Starter Edition

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NetSuite Starter Edition, the ideal solution & investment for every business

Starting a business is a huge milestone and it always comes with many challenges during its early stages. When it comes to ERP systems, every business often tends to opt for the cheapest business management solution. For instance, during the initial stage, a business may choose Microsoft Excel to manually operate its entire business on spreadsheets. But as the company grows, the business then starts to look into alternatives to replace their spreadsheet-based business management system as it becomes difficult to log in to every activity of a growing business. These alternatives can be QuickBooks or FreshBooks etc. Later on, you can see your business adding additional management systems to better manage their CRM, Project Management, Ecommerce activities etc. as solutions like QuickBooks/FreshBooks do not come with the above-mentioned functionalities.

However, such an approach leads to many problems which can hinder the productivity of your company. Problems like duplicate data entry, mismanaged roles, lack of visibility, lack of project management control etc. are just some crucial issues that businesses with multiple management solutions face. In the ERP sector, this type of solution is regarded as a “hairball solution” as every system operates on its own with little to no system integrations.

When companies think that they do not qualify for an ERP system yet, we like to ask 3 basic questions to gauge the need for an ERP system.

  1. Is your business productivity down?
  2. is there a lack of visibility into your business processes?
  3. Is managing multiple systems becoming a burden and increasing costs?

If you answered YES to any of the 2 questions above, it’s time to look into a holistic ERP solution like NetSuite.

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For growing businesses, NetSuite introduces its Starter Edition which is an ideal solution for businesses with preferably less than 10 users. The Starter Edition utilizes the most common industry functionalities and uses pre-configured KPIs, workflows, reminders, dashboards and reports for the most common roles in your company to create a desired ERP system within 100 days. The base approach of NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition is to utilize the most important industry approaches at the start to create a system that is not only fully functional but also provides a strong foundation for limitless system scalability and integrations at a reasonable cost. So you don’t run into the issue of outgrowing your NetSuite system even 10+ years from now!

NetSuite SuiteSuccess features

Our client’s successful NetSuite customization project ensures that their business is operating in a healthy and efficient state. They can now utilize the customizations and automation implemented to decrease manual processes and have the ability to focus on other pressing tasks. Now with the manual process of tracking commission automated via NetSuite, the company saves on average 4 days each month all due to process automation. These types of automation track purchase dates and sold dates of inventory and products.
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NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition pricing:

Benefits of NetSuite SuiteSuccess Starter Edition

Get rid of time-consuming manual processes

On average, an employee would spend up to 20% of their time on manual processes which can be automated with NetSuite. For growing businesses, this percentage can cause a drastic effect on productivity. NetSuite can automate many processes, for instance, one can automate its entire Accounting department with NetSuite to avail the following benefits.
Similarly, many other departments can be automated with NetSuite which ultimately increases the productivity and efficiency of your company.

Real-time visibility

Having access to crucial company information is vital to make data-driven decisions. Managers and Higher-Ups in the company must have constant access to information like the value of outstanding receivables, key KPIs, most selling products, inventory demand forecasting, customer queries and more. NetSuite can easily provide a complete picture of your business operation and its status on its dashboard. NetSuite’s Starter Edition comes with 95+ pre-built industry-specific reports and role-based dashboards to provide the necessary information right at your fingertips.

Lower IT maintenance costs

Many companies try to avoid an ERP system for its implementation cost. So, they opt for multiple small business management solutions that are specific to each department. However, every system has its licensing fee, maintenance fee and integrations fee among more. This collection of multiple management systems, therefore, tends to become a costly alternative to an ERP system like NetSuite.

When businesses opt for NetSuite in the beginning, they get a system that stays UpToDate and can handle every business department from NetSuite itself. So, say goodbye to multiple management systems, broken integrations and costly IT maintenance costs.

An affordable ERP system

Unlike many other ERP systems which generally need to be purchased in full, NetSuite in contradiction operates on a pay-for-what you need basis. What this means is that companies can opt for modules they might need in specific which keeps the implementation costs far cheaper than any other ERP system. As your company grows, you can keep adding additional modules and functionalities as required.

Such an approach helps to create a concrete foundation that eliminates the need for additional 3rd party applications.