Benefits of NetSuite & Salesforce Integration

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Businesses invest in NetSuite ERP and Salesforce CRM on a regular basis for a variety of reasons. These solutions assist businesses in automating a variety of important operations such as financial management, revenue tracking, inventory tracking, and more. This will assist a company in keeping more accurate records and reducing mistakes. It will also assist them in operating more efficiently. These platforms will also make it easier for a company to sell itself and build stronger connections with clients. Both NetSuite and Salesforce CRM, when used together, can and will help a company grow.

NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP is a scalable cloud ERP system that helps mid-sized companies expand into larger operations. Both front and back-office business processes can be automated using this solution. Financial management, revenue management, fixed asset tracking, order management monitoring, billing, and inventory management are some among them. NetSuite ERP delivers a view of key performance metrics and reports to the whole business, from top management to warehouse & shop workers.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based customer relationship management tool for businesses. It has the ability to speed up every aspect of a company that interacts with customers. This includes marketing, sales, commerce, and customer service. Businesses will be able to more effectively deliver better service to clients as well as improve their marketing skills using Salesforce CRM. Salesforce allows organizations to communicate with customers and prospects more effectively, as well as track customer behavior and receive a detailed perspective of the customer journey and sales cycle.



Increase Efficiency of Cash Flow & Productivity

The two systems will assist increase cash flow efficiency and team productivity, which is one of their key advantages. NetSuite provides accounting software that allows businesses to create financial statements, track spending management, monthly bookkeeping, and manage income. There is also visibility of important information about a company’s financial performance. Other programs, like order management, inventory monitoring, and managing e-commerce services, are also simply integrated with NetSuite.

NetSuite and Salesforce together will be able to boost overall productivity as well. The two programs work to make it easier for staff to collaborate. All members of the customer service, marketing, and supply chain teams will be able to communicate effectively and provide information on items like available inventory, and processed orders. Using NetSuite and Salesforce ERP and CRM software, a company may have more productive employees that work together more efficiently and improve the customer experience.

Streamline Procedures

Another advantage of NetSuite and Salesforce is that they assist businesses to streamline various operations that must be completed on a daily basis. The two business applications will assist businesses in a variety of ways. These include integrating all aspects of a company, providing visibility for better decision-making, providing a workflow to standardize procedures, assisting in the growth of organizations, and providing a platform for improved collaboration.

The two programs will help a company better manage its inventory by reducing operations. This includes keeping track of products that have been sold as well as those that have recently been acquired. Businesses will be able to know the precise amount of inventory they have available in order to execute orders using the two software packages.

Both firms can assist businesses in improving order management and customer service. The program will enable a business to automate the order process, allowing personnel to know exactly what was bought and begin sending it to the consumer. A corporation will be considerably less prone to make mistakes if it has a more efficient system. They will be able to better serve their clients improving their user experience is an integration benefit.


Critical Client Information Is Now Available

Salesforce and NetSuite are software systems that may help firms by making vital and valuable customer information more accessible. These two systems together will be able to give customer data, scalability, subscription renewals, referral tracking, and pending orders tracking, as well as upsell and cross-sell items between departments.

These business opportunities can keep better track of their clients with more conveniently available client information. They will be able to find critical client data faster and more efficiently due to the integration solutions. As a consequence, they will be able to obtain the information they require to better serve their clients.

Both software options can give consumer data as well as increased scalability. Obtaining information about previous and current consumers might help business leaders with decision making in marketing campaign scenarios for example.

Based on the roles they are responsible for, supply chain managers can create a custom view of the orders for supply or demand on one single page to help with monitoring and regulation. The custom page views can also be saved for any future need to refer to any trends in supply or demand that may affect the business processes.

Data Accuracy

Making the appropriate strategic pivots in corporate strategy requires reliable data. When it comes to finances and accounting, data integrity is crucial; businesses should be able to trust the figures that are recorded in NetSuite and Salesforce. It’s difficult to tell whether the tool is correct or if either is correct when the data in two critical systems don’t match.

In research, it was determined that human error is responsible for 41% of incorrect data, which is unsurprising given that many businesses still rely on manual operations. Businesses can guarantee that data is trustworthy across the board by eliminating manual data entry and connecting accounting software with Salesforce.

360 Financial Visibility with Reports & Dashboards

Salesforce offers powerful reporting capabilities, allowing users to produce reports and dashboards on data in real-time.

Teams may also use financial data from NetSuite to produce reports and dashboards by linking their accounting software to Salesforce. Many finance teams do their forecasting and data monitoring in spreadsheets, which requires exporting data from a variety of sources. Not only will this take a long time, but it is also very possible that human mistakes will occur during the procedure. You may increase efficiency and receive more meaningful financial reports by combining Salesforce and NetSuite.