NetSuite Pricing Guide

It doesn’t matter if you’re still debating on the benefits of NetSuite or if you’re ready to implement it. We know its necessary to gather and analyze all sorts of information, that’s means including pricing.

ERP Buddies Inc. has created a comprehensive pricing guide to simplify the complex process.

Cost of Operating NetSuite

Your business processes, its complexities, number of users and configurations etc. play an important role in deciding the pricing for your NetSuite implementation. Our Experts take time in understanding your business process to guide you through a custom designed ERP workflow tailored to your business.

As NetSuite operates on a subscription based module, users get the flexibility to make payments in a monthly, annually or longer duration as required.

Since NetSuite offers the highest customization capabilities, it becomes a number one option for implementing ERP at a low upfront cost if compared to any other ERP software in the market!

NetSuite Packages

NetSuite packages can be created based on Industry, specific to their functions.

Build an ERP package across

  • eCommerce Management
  • CRM
  • Warehouse Management & Inventory
  • Accounting & Finances

Your organization can create an ERP system surrounding one of the functions above, or can integrate all of them to provide the best streamlined experience for your business.

NetSuite Pricing Levels based on Number of Licenses
1 user Small Business Version
1 – 10 users Limited Version
11 – 1,000 users Mid – Marketing Version
1,001 + users Enterprise Version

What is the cost per user on NetSuite?

As an example: For 3 users, the total cost would be: $297 per month.
Every individual can be a NetSuite user, so it depends on the organization to decide how many users need access to NetSuite.

NetSuite pricing for Limited user functions
This function is helpful if some of your employees will only be doing routine tasks on NetSuite such as daily time logging.
For every 5 employee, NetSuite charges less than $20 per month, which means NetSuite’s price for Limited Users comes to less than $99 per month on an average.

NetSuite Direct v/s NetSuite Partner

Various clients choose to opt with NetSuite directly for their implementation process and stick to the partners for the support and guidance phase of using NetSuite. However, our experience says that for a perfect implementation one needs to know the business processes in and out.

ERP Buddies Inc. believes that a perfect NetSuite implementation lies within a well laid out approach which means spending time with Clients on site, to understand their workflows and patterns.

Working with ERP Buddies Inc. avails you a direct to expert access with years of experience. The cost of working with NetSuite directly is the same, but working with a partner like ERP Buddies Inc. avails you numerous benefits which ultimately help your organization with a smooth transition.

ERP Buddies NetSuite Support Services

We offer 24/7 support services with on-demand support resolutions at a no contract basis to ensure your questions get answered. Working with ERP Buddies Inc. will provide your business with quick resolutions and support from a team that is dedicated to your success from day 1 while eliminating the need to stay in line for hours


ERP buddies Inc. will be with you from the first step.

Our job is to make sure cloud solutions are affordable to every level of business. Our team of Project Managers & Accountants will work with you to decide optimal upfront payments or spreading those costs over the year.

Working with ERP Buddies Inc. allows you to negotiate for the lowest prices as we handle all the negotiations with NetSuite directly, so your company can focus on the implementation while we strive to give you the best price!

Our Free Assessment offers

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  • Consultation with our Expert based on your business needs

  • Full project costing

  • 14 – day trial of NetSuite ERP based of your personalization’s

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