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When it comes to integrating NetSuite to applications, data, people and devices, Boomi is the undisputed leader. Boomi and the NetSuite Partner Program have over 1,900 joint customers who have gained extensive user experience, domain expertise along with best leading practices. With Dell Boomi, we provide faster time-to-value, streamlined integrations, a higher return on investment, improved business outcomes and better flexibility against ongoing changes in business processes.



ERP programmes offer both real and intangible cost savings, allowing every dollar to go forward towards furthering the purpose of a not-for-profit entity. Funds should be conveniently monitored to ensure that the company follows reporting protocols when managing several funds for various programmes or contracts, as well as to minimise human error and interference in data collection. With a grant management function, efficiency and time savings will rise to the point that the non-profit will be able to afford to employ a full-time grants manager or grant writer, increasing the likelihood of receiving more grant funds in the future.


Dell Boomi allows you to connect with pre-built connectors & solutions with over 200 + business applications and data sources. Like NetSuite, Dell Boomi is also a scalable software enabling you to progress as your business models grow.


The Boomi AtomSphere Platform fosters a Connected Business environment so that organizations can collaborate with NetSuite everywhere. Your stakeholders, higher-ups, employees, trading partners, vendors and customers can now engage across any channel, device or platform with Boomi.


Align all your customers, products, people, and key financial data across all departments by connecting NetSuite with your eCommerce, POS and back-office applications.

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NetSuite and Boomi integrations

Flexible Deployment
Boomi integration supports deployment in a public cloud, privately managed cloud, like NetSuite, or on-premises applications. Irrespective of your app deployment location you can connect using a Boomi integration.
Speeds up Processes
Quickly create multi-step processes using pre-built starter processes or with simple drag-and-drop functionality. Custom scripting is also powered by Boomi.
Steer Innovation
Boomi integrations allow us to garner data from physical entities to promote business data correlation. This outcome is essential for notifying new initiatives.
Patterns Usage
Using Dell Boomi as your Connector covers every integration need, irrespective of the integration nature – real-time, batch, or event-based integration, asynchronous processes or ELT (Extraction, Loading and Transformation) use cases.
Advanced B2B/EDI Management
Get detailed reports on all your EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) transactions that make your tracking easier and helps with error management and simplified reconciliation.
Any Endpoint Connection
With Boomi's connector library and connector SDK (Software Development Kit), you can integrate any application - whether it is public or proprietary and whether it is hosted on-premises, in the public cloud, or in a private cloud

Key Benefits - Using Dell Boomi

as a Middleware

edi for b2b businesses like supply chain, mfg

EDI for B2B businesses like Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and Wholesale Distribution increases their operational efficiency

Group 3982

EDI Integration with NetSuite makes order processing more efficient and vendor/customer management less complicated

Handle the increased volume of orders/customers as your business scales with a Boomi - NetSuite EDI connectivity

Group 3987

Satisfy EDI standards with respect to all your vendors and customers. Simplify your tracking, shipping, and notifications received with routine updates without doing manual data entries

Group 3986

Unified view across every partner network transaction

active real time notifications

Active real-time notifications based on role and department


Boomi Integration Expertise

Our certified Boomi consultants can help you increase your business’s mobility regardless of your company’s needs. We also aid in developing end-to-end solutions that can:
Boomi makes it achievable with its visual designer and its library of integration components that allow companies to integrate data, applications, and trading partners directly on the web. Components of integrations are referred to as shapes, which could easily be dragged and dropped on the process canvas. This streamlines the process in a smooth manner and makes it understandable. Boomi can facilitate ML (Machine Learning), JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), EDI, Database, and Flat File. Our Dell Boomi specialists will direct you to achieve the winning combination of NetSuite EDI integration. Through this, you can also support the following wide range of communication between Trading Partners via:
If required, ERP Buddies will offer a committed support team for such Integration projects who are Experts in EDI and ERP training. We strive to provide effective partner and cloud management via troubleshooting and process customizations. We also fulfill the needs as your customer base increases and as your business goals change.

Dell Boomi integrations

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NetSuite is a single solution that can integrate and provide 360-degree view of every operation within a nonprofit organization.
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