NetSuite for Transportation, Logistics management & Freight Forwarding companies

The Transportation, Logistics & Freight Forwarding companies have seen a huge surge in demand as people restrict their outdoor shopping due to the current scenario. Online shopping has become the new norm as people become more comfortable with swiping the card online rather than in-store. This is particularly true for both B2B and B2C catering logistics companies. In the past, logistics and freight forwarding companies increased their market share by providing fast and reliable shipping at a low cost. However, today with the technological advances the logistics companies can differentiate themselves by providing real-time information into ETA of shipments, shipping returns, creation of self-service portals and more. Recognizing the needs of the modern customer is the fundamental basis of transcending your Freight Forwarding, Logistics and 3PL business in the right direction. With your NetSuite implementation, ERP Buddies can assure you that your business will be future-ready starting from day 1 with an all-around transportation management software that utilizes superior cloud technology. Read on and understand how ERP Buddies & NetSuite can be your all-in-one solution.

NetSuite for Transportation, Logistics & Freight Forwarding companies product Capabilities and features

NetSuite is the world’s #1 cloud solution for financial management that significantly reduces the time to close.

  1. Get full-fledged visibility into your integrated company financials with pre-built accounting capability.
  2. Use NetSuite’s secure environment to conduct transactions, online payments for more customer satisfaction.
  3. Track fixed assets in real-time and quickly report the book value and depreciation of the assets.
  4. Achieve faster financial close while maintaining compliance with necessary accounting standards/processes and report on key financial metrics to make data-driven decisions.
  5. Get complete audit trail visibility as NetSuite can store historical transactions and records in form of interactive reports
  6. Monitor business processes and workflows in real-time.
  1. Project product demand based on historical transactions and evaluate actual vs projected demand when the time comes or when needed.
  2. Create 12 months projected forecasts to keep stock levels in check.
  3. Create custom data entry sheets and reusable formulas for convenient allocation methods.
  4. Provide employees with self-service portals for easy reporting and a centralized work environment across the company.
  5. Create centralized budgeting, forecasting and related information in one single data system which is NetSuite.
  1. Create and generate a single view of customers across every channel like Ecommerce, Retail, In-store and call-center transactions/interactions. Record customer messages in trails for easy resolution and customer satisfaction.
  2. Segment customers based on their behaviour and buying patterns. This data can be shared with the Sales & Marketing team to identify cross-sell/up-sell opportunities.
  3. Create custom cross-selling and up-selling customer segments with personalized offers that are available only to specific customers that are chosen.
  4. Gauge actual lifetime value of customers
  5. NetSuite CRM can help you better manage service costs by providing a consistent customer service experience throughout the company for improved customer retention.
  1. Automate your revenue recognition with NetSuite’s strong financial management suite. NetSuite will always stay compliant in accordance with the Accounting Standards.
  2. Generate invoices automatically and dispatch them at the needed time.
  3. Set up custom notifications/reminders to recognize contract renewal period, upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  4. Create custom sales and service packages based on the type of service, rate and duration.
  5. Get real-time information into your revenue-related ending balances & recognized revenue.
  1. Get global, real-time visibility into your stock levels across multiple warehouses across the globe.
  2. Setup custom notifications that will trigger whenever minimum inventory is detected. This allows for timely product replenishment to avoid out-of-stock scenarios
  3. Get full control across your entire supply chain management and create custom processes to meet your company goals.
  4. Get complete Vendor, CM & 3PL Location management
  5. NetSuite comes with a total Distribution Requirement Planning (DRP) functionality that can easily cater to your multi-location inventory planning.
  6. Collaborate with your external supply chain partners without any problems.
  1. Get total insight into your inventory and storage facility.
  2. With NetSuite staff can manage inbound and outbound shipments.
  3. Staff can also manage the storage facility, optimize warehouse operations, document key findings and can even use NetSuite’s intuitive reporting feature to report on inventory performance.
  4. NetSuite WMS support barcode scanning, Serial Number Tracking, Automatic Label Printing Wireless RF/Mobile Handhelds, • Lot/Batch Numbering with FEFO/FIFO and more.
  5. Users can also setup custom Putaway and Pick Strategies
  6. NetSuite can also integrate with your choice of Warehouse Management System. Or you can integrate NetSuite WMS with your choice of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
  1. Set up custom approval processes to procure goods and services on the NetSuite platform
  2. Optimize procurement process by setting up negotiated terms, tiered pricing and delivery and shipment schedules.
  3. Stay compliant with purchasing threshold and guidelines to meet the required standards
  4. NetSuite can automate your entire procurement process, right from o product acquisition to payment.
  5. NetSuite supports a variety of payment methods from credit cards to debit cards and also includes other forms of payments which can be enabled if needed.
  6.    Set up budgets and ensure optimal control of your total expenditure and spend.
  7. NetSuite can also showcase financial data and spending trends across the dashboard in real-time.
  1. NetSuite stays fully compliant with every regulation and standard.
  2. Create custom reports that showcase operational data, financial reports and other important KPIs in real-time as needed.
  3. Create custom roles to manage custom operations and company functions.
  4. Use NetSuite reporting to keep your stakeholders/higher-ups updated about every activity.
  5. Manage labor costs and ensure the project is completed in the given time frame.
  1. NetSuite OneWorld is NetSuite’s specialized module that handles entire multi-country, multi-subsidiary and multi-site eCommerce operations completely via NetSuite itself.
  2. Manage customer relations across the globe with multi-language and currency functionality.
  3. Companies can manage global inventory and stock levels from one centralized location itself.

Key NetSuite functionalities for Transportation, Logistics & Freight Forwarding companies

Product benefits

  • Stay compliant with necessary regulations like Federal Travel Regulations and Federal Management Regulations etc.

  • Track project status and ensure each project and deliverable meet their deadlines.

  • Improve end-to-end visibility with NetSuite’s electronic tracking of historical transactions, documents, consolidation etc. for easy auditing and recognition of overhead cost.

  • Improve cash flow and reduce overcharges and minus the invoicing errors which are caused by manual processes.

  • Make data-driven decisions at all times as NetSuite showcases crucial company data right on the dashboard.

  • Improved cost saving as NetSuite reduces IT maintenance and overhead cost

  • NetSuite is fully scalable at any point in time in the lifecycle of the company.

Why choose ERP Buddies for NetSuite implementation of your Transportation/ Logistics/ Freight Forwarding company?

ERP Buddies is a North American Official Oracle NetSuite Solution Providers with diverse experience in implementing NetSuite ERP for multiple Transportation Services/ Logistics services/ Freight forwarding companies.

With offices in the U.S, Canada, Philippines, Europe and India, our experts are accessible globally and make it their priority to create a smooth and positive experience for clients. Our experts assist clients throughout the entire implementation process, with on-site support and consultation, along with additional assistance in customizing your system to guarantee it meets your business needs.

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